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A day of sea breeze


An unforgettable journey is waiting for us today! With the help of the sailing inflatable catamaran with an engine and sea kayaks we will explore the spots available only to a small number of people!

Cost (for 1 person): 7500 rubles


Departure: 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00



Program description


9:50 am – participants gather in front of the Sea Port in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy;


10:00 am – we get on board of the catamaran and head in the southeastern direction, crossing the Avacha Bay that is embraced from all sides by green hills and snow-capped volcanoes. We will pass the Nikolskaya Hill located in the heart of the city until we arrive at the Tikhaya (Quiet) Bay. The travel will last for about 60-90 min. We will see the oldest part of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, SRV district called after the ship-repair yard that operated until the end of the 20th century, and Zavoiko peninsula that bears the name of the first Governor-General of Kamchatka;


11:30 am – we enter the Tikhaya Bay, disembark there and take some rest while the crew prepares kayaks and equipment. The bay lives up to its name as it becomes a peaceful oasis in the general chaos of anxious ocean waves and constant winds;


12:00 pm – briefing on the safe behavior on water, getting into the kayaks and start of the kayaking practice.


Attention! The group will be divided in two parts. While the first participants go kayaking accompanied by the instructor and catamaran, others might stay on the beach or join the kayakers taking pictures from the catamaran. Then the groups switch.


13:00 pm – our main goal is to visit as many grottos as possible. Some of the caves are through while others resemble large chambers and are available only to sea kayaks. In the Tikhaya Bay encounters with representatives of Kamchatka’s sea fauna are quite frequent. Local rocks give shelter to hundreds of seagulls, cormorants, puffins and sweepers. Sometimes on tops of the cliffs we can spy majestic sea eagles. They make their nests in the soaring heights and bring up their offspring on the steeps. If we get lucky, we might also meet spotted seals that enjoy bathing in the sun and leisurely watching the kayakers;


14:30 pm – rest, lunch on the shore;


15:30 pm – second group kayaking activities;


17:00 pm – start of the return trip;


18:00 pm – end of the excursion in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.



Each participant will get a set of kayaking equipment – life jacket, sea kayak, skirt and paddle.



Recommendations for equipment:

– wind-waterproof jacket;

– sunglasses, cream;

– headgear;

– change of clothes (shirt, trousers, light shoes);

– photo and video equipment.



The program includes::

– rent a full set of kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, skirt, life jacket);

– guide’s work;

– lunch.

The cost of participation in the route does not include:

– insurance;

– evacuation in case of not insurable emergency situations;

– expenses caused by bad weather conditions, personal and general equipment damage, illnesses and traumas or other force-majeures.


The conditions of the program:

– the cost of participation in the route is given for groups of at least 8 people; in case of reducing the number of people in the group, the price of travel increases, the maximum number of participants is 10;

– the trip takes place under favourable weather conditions;

– guides have the right to choose the final itinerary according to group experience (or zero experience) and weather conditions.


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