Kamchatka – is a place, where one leaves piece of himself, after just one visit, and dreaming to get back all his life.


We believe in general idea of Kamchatka freeride community and unlimited tourist potential of our local land. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in social networks, and we will answer.



Founder of Kamchatka freeride community


Ideological inspirer


Guide (ski), kayaker, mountainbiker


He doesn’t spend a lot of time to implement his ideas


Instagram: @kirill_seregin







Ekaterina Balashova

Tourist manager


Kamchatka tourism expert


Healthy and active lifestyle lover


Connoisseur of beauty


Instagram: @kataritkhen







Alexey Pugovkin

CEO at Kamchatka Freeride Community


Guide (ski), kayaker, mountainbiker


Man of business


Grain of rationality


Instagram: @alex_pugovkin








Svetlana Haritonchik

Tourist manager


Brilliant specialist in different areas


Highly determined and purposeful person


Instagram: @sahar4ik








Pavel Vereshchaka

Guide (snowboard) | Captain’s mate


Snowmobile rider


Life of the party


Crew’s icon of style


Instagram: @pavel_vereshchaka








Elena Safonova

Professional photographer


She knew for sure how Community had started


Loves surfing, big – wheel cars and dogs


Instagram: @safonovaelena









Andrey Zaharenko (Visus)

Main cameraman


Creator of the most awesome videos about Kamchatka Freeride Community


Photographer and snowboarder


Truly Belorussian


Instagram: @andreyvisus







Nikolay Boyarkin

Captian of sailing catamaran “Kosatka”


Snowmobile rider


Can fix absolutely everything


Anime and Lana del Rey fan


Instagram: @nikolay.boyarkin








Kirill Kiselev (Kisya) 

guide (snowboard, ski)


Snowboard judge


Fly-fishing guide


English teacher, rapper


Instagram: @parker.the.pen​








Maksim Lavrinenko







Highly mastered art of karate, aikido and birth-tree twigs


Instagram: @lavrinencom








Vanya Klochkov



From Moscowwith soul from Kamchatka




Instagram: @ivan_klochkov

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