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Boat rental


September – October are opened for a acceptance of freight applications for our vessels on directions:


​1) Kurile islands (expedition yacht “LIBERTY” 19.7m);

2) Commander islands (expedition yacht “LIBERTY” 19.7m);
3) South – east coast of Kamchatka peninsula (sailing catamaran “KOSATKA” 15m);

4) Drop off / pick up of tourist’s groups on a circular routes;

5) Freight for business meeting or negotiations; fishing, diving, yachting etc.



Our catamaran assumed to fit 10 passengers for comfortable accomodation till multi-day tours, and the crew is three – four persons, including cook.  


15 meters long and 7.8 meters wide catamaran has 3 cabins for two persons and 2 cabins for three persons.

All cabins equipped with hangers, shelves and wardrobes for clothes and stuff.


And there are also two separate and, the main thing, wide (unlike common yacht toilets) toilet rooms with shower, and another shower situated at the stern.  All that without a doubt is a indisputable pros of a catamaran. Kitchen has everything that could be needed for cooking.


Stable construction of a catamaran allow it to feel pretty confident in the water. In that case we get more of a safety and pleasant sail. People, who have a sea – sick, feel good in major. The swing is less notable, compare to usual yach. 


– Catamaran’s body has short draft, only 140cm. And that’s why it can get closer to the shore, compare to usual vessels, and that means that it’ll be possible to sail in shallow water and get closer to hard-to-reach spots, get better view of points of interest, to satisfy curiosity staying on board.

– Catamaran was built in 2014, which means, it’s a modern vessel, equipped with the latest technologies.  Another pleasant bonus for all guests that catamaran is sailing vessel!

– Always, when it’s possible, we sail. And it means, that anyone who wants, could take part in driving during the journey. Sail on a wind – it’s a bewitching sight, nobody can stay indifferent to it. Curiosity awakens in anyone, who see them driving such a huge thing along with people on it.

– Many guests will want to pull sheet of staysail with their own hands and feel the force of wind, that filling it.

– It’s an exeptional opportunity to feel not only a third – party observer but an explorer and also a part of sea element.



– audiosystem;

– videosystem;

– additional generator;

– jet boat for landing to shore;

– sea kayaks with full package of equipment (paddles, skirts, life – vests, helmets) 

– SUP-boards.



Yacht’s salon is pretty large and comfortable for 6-8 people crew.  Couches could be used as a sleeping places. All couches has lockers, where provisions and stuff could be stored.

Opening portholes and a hatch provide good ventilation and light. Interior design is untypical. Shipyard is almost totally refused to use wood decorations. This yacht reminds super modern minimalistic racing car inside than a classic cruise yacht.

​It allows to decrease weight of a vessel and also let crew to forget about taking care of wooden parts. To create comfort and noise reduction there were used upholstery fabric, carpeting and flooring with wooden decorations.

Further in the nose cabin there’s a big bed, couch and spacious wardrobe.

Ventilation and light provided by a large hatch, situated right above the bed.
There is a stern cabin situated right under the cockpit, it has full size double bed, couch, wardrobes and straight access to a stern toilet room. And further, behind the waterproof and soundproof wall, situated crew’s cabin, that has separate exit.


Macgregor 65 – is one of many serial yachts rated by American Bureau of Shipping as +A1 and certificated by US Coast Guard, area of sailing for the Macgregor 65 is limited only by borders of polar ice.

This boat – is one of a hundred yachts, developed and built in the Roger’s MacGregor shipyard in California.

Being the fastest serial boat​ of it’s time, Big Mac will still leave most of the modern opponents in a offshore race. MacGregor 65 will surpass not only mainstream yachts, but even some racing models!

Yachtsmen knows, that words Speed and Safety are become synonyms in the sea: fast boat will let reach the port – shelter or evade from storm’s route in the ocean. 

Price of rent for our boats depends on distance and duration of a trip.


On the issues of freight please contact to our managers.

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