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Видеогид: зимний сезон на Камчатке (декабрь-май)
Lake Nachikinskoe
Video guide to one of the largest high-altitude lakes of Kamchatka.
Ballad of the Peninsula
What would the Kamchatka peninsula think about if it had a voice?
Highliner. Expedition to Gorely Volcano
Climbing Ichinsky Volcano
A group of our guides climbed Ichinsky Volcano in search of a fumarole that was last seen in the 1950s.
Summer Kamchatka in 2 minutes
Kamchatka is a unique region where volcanoes erupt and the ocean rages all year round.
Winter Kamchatka in 3 minutes
We selected the best freeride moments and much more that we have managed to capture during our winter tours.
What is freeride?
What is freeride?
Freeride in Sheregesh
What is freeride?
What is freeride?
What you need in Kamchatka if you are going to the land of volcanoes for the first time
What's new in the Kamchatka freeride community freeride season
Сертификация в Национальной Лиге Инструкторов
Reviews of our program participants

So, today I was once again convinced that not a single thing in the world (iPhones, cars, etc.) they will not give you such a buzz, feelings of happiness, emotions, memories as a wheelchair and nature! You have to love life, not things… I was very afraid, I scrabbled along the slopes, but I didn't stop. It was my first freeride and I think it went well. I will continue to study and will definitely come back to you many more times. Polina, personally, a huge thank you to you as a guide to this world and to your entire company! I think if another person had been in touch with me, I wouldn't have gone.

Mike (Vladivostok) March 2023

Полина, большое спасибо за Камчатку! Поверь, Камчатка, ваш уютный прием и дом мне дали гораздо больше, чем я могла ожидать. Тебе, всем администраторам в Bay House и гидам большое спасибо! Вы уникальные люди с уникальной земли!

Юлия Кириченко (Москва), 2023 г.

The journey has come to an end, but the year that began with this journey is just beginning! And, judging by the beginning, it will be simply unrealistic! It was one of the most emotionally vivid trips - amazing and unimaginable views of Kamchatka, a great group of guys I met on the trip, a wonderful well-coordinated @kamchatka_freeride_community team, a copter sacrificed to the ocean, cannon freeride, cool evenings and much more!

Alexey (Moscow), 2020 year

It was an amazing family trip that could not have happened without the KFC team. I will talk only about one part of this dream trip – sailing to the Northern Kuril Islands. On the comfortable “Kosatka” catamaran we sailed from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Severo-Kurilsk (Paramushir Island), from where we sailed to Shumshu Island, Atlasov Island and Antsiferov Island. We saw active Ebeko Volcano and the beautiful Fussa Volcano, the sea lion rookery and whales, orcas and porpoises in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk and, of course, the echo of the war – this is only a small part of what has stayed in the memory. We flew back and we were lucky to enjoy the Krenitsina Volcano on Onekotan Island. The entire trip was organised by the KFC team – a wonderful team on board the catamaran and no less wonderful on the shore in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, lightning-fast response to our requests, continuous support in everything (some of us got sick, but this is ocean!), sincere communication and homemade food – thanks for everything!!! KFC – do not lower the bar, you are a super pro!

The Machin family, August 2022

This trip is such a great combination of very different activities, it really helps to recharge your batteries. It is an ideal tour for those who want to get to know Kamchatka from the very beginning, to see what’s out there and what is possible. Decide for yourself what you like best, and just recharge your batteries after a hard-working week, month, or whatever amount of work you might have.

Maria (Moscow), 2021

When we arrived in Kamchatka, we immediately started looking for heli-ski options. We did not book any tour or flight hours, we were just really lucky. The guys from the Kamchatka Freeride Community responded to my request, they had a group and we successfully fit into the group and were lucky with the weather! Experienced local guides Alexey Pugovkin and Elena Safonova – thank you for our safety. Thanks again to the pilots from Vityaz Aero. P.S. And one more thing – I FELL IN LOVE! KAMCHATKA is in my HEART!!!

Christian, 2021

A sea of cool emotions, beauty around. Sometimes I caught myself thinking that so you are riding a snowmobile and it did not feel real, you were just wearing glasses with the special effect. And of course, cool people around. In general, a huge thanks to the Kamchatka Freeride Community for this wonderful weekend!

Yulia (Russia), 2021

The most memorable event of the expedition was seeing the jumping humpback whales. From the comments of eyewitnesses for whom it was not the first time out in the ocean, it becomes clear how amazing this spectacle is. Whales are on average 14-18 m in length and weigh about 30 tons. And they basically don’t care about the laws of physics :) It was UNREAL. Many thanks for this to our captain. If Kolya had not repaired the second engine of our sailing catamaran in field conditions, we would not have seen all this. Now I am 100% sure – thoughts materialise... whales were my dream. I am happy that I was on this expedition. Emotions are really running high!

Darina (Russia), 2021

What is a summer without kayaking? So, with a paddle again in my hands, I am manoeuvring between the rocks and grottoes of the Tikhaya Bay. This year we paddled in typical Kamchatka weather: light drizzle, fog, which allowed us to observe familiar places from a completely new angle. And you are paddling on a kayak through the waves, watching seagulls and puffins circling on the rocks, diving ridged seals, stretching your face towards the salty damp wind and you understand that the day was a success. “Salty day”.

Polina (Russia), 2020

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