Summer in Kamchatka

Nachikinskoye lake. The largest spawning ground

Kamchatka is one of the most lacustrine regions of Russia; there are more than 100,000 large and small lakes on the peninsula. All of them are unique in their own way. Lake Nachikinskoye is famous for being one of the largest spawning grounds for salmon species - sockeye salmon, coho salmon, pink salmon and char.

Females make nests, washing off the silt and fine sand with the movements of their fins, where they throw eggs, and the males fertilize this caviar, then the fish “beats” in the pits, filling the caviar with sand in order to keep it from lovers to feast on it. The fry that emerge from the eggs hide in the sea, making long migrations deep into the ocean. Most fish of this species return to the same spawning ground where they were born. Summer spawning ends on the lake in September. After spawning, the fish die near the spawning grounds, raising a huge amount of minerals from the ocean into the upper reaches of the rivers, thereby making the soil of the Kamchatka Peninsula fertile and giving life to a huge number of animals and plants. 

Brown bears are rightfully considered the main lovers of fish on the peninsula, so they drop by Nachikinskoye Lake very often. Thus, Lake Nachikinskoye competes with the popular Kuril Lake in terms of attendance by bears.

Lake Nachikinskoye is quite large (area is about 7.28 km²) & nbsp; alpine and has a glacial origin, and the formation of its habitual image occurred with the participation of the ash eruption of the Opala and Ksudach volcanoes. The lake also offers a panoramic view of the Vachkazhets mountain range. The distance from the regional capital to the lake is about 100 kilometers. 

It is worth visiting Nachikinskoye Lake to see this unique phenomenon, when in some places it "blushes" from the sockeye salmon that has appeared in it. Join our tour to Lake Nachikinskoe.
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