Is it possible to arrive before the start of the tour?
Yes, you can arrive earlier if you wish. Please let us know when booking a tour, that you are planning to arrive earlier, and we will help you find accommodation and plan your stay.
How is the level of skiing determined in advance?
In the combined group, we can never guarantee a certain level of skiing. We base our judgement on the answers provided by our guests to the following questions: How long have you been skiing? How often? Where do you ski? How can you define your level of skiing? But the answers are always subjective and everyone can interpret the questions differently.<br> <br>
How do we reach the destination and where do we leave from?
Participants on snowmobile tours gather at the place agreed on the day before.<br> Means of transport: snowmobile (snowmobile passenger seat or snowmobile passenger sled)<br>
Почему нельзя покаячить рядом с косатками или сивучами?
Мы - за безопасное наблюдение за дикими животными. Человеческое присутствие вблизи морских млекопитающих (и любых диких животных) в их естественной среде может привести к ухудшению их жизни и даже к угрозе вымирания.
Помните, что морские млекопитающие, которых мы можем встретить на морской прогулке/во время каякинга, такие как киты, косатки и сивучи - очень крупные и могут стать опасными, если они чувствуют угрозу. Они могут атаковать каяки и повредить их, а также нанести травмы людям.
Также многие виды морских млекопитающих защищены законодательством, и подходить к ним близко на каяках или на морских судах - запрещено и может привести к неприятным последствиям.
Как и где лучше оформить страховку?
Мы не требуем наличие страхового полиса на летние программы, но рекомендуем защитить себя от непредвиденных расходов.

Есть порталы, которые включают несколько проверенных компаний и предложений на любую из экстремальных активностей.

Для самостоятельного оформления полиса на сайте

1. Выбрать страну поездки - Россия
2. Обозначить период поездки
3. Возраст туриста, если у вас группа - то нажать "Добавить" и ввести возраст. Для единоразового оформления на группу можно оформить полис сразу на 5 человек.
4. Нажать спорт экстрим - Выбрать вид спорта - треккинг до 3500м/яхтинг/джиппинг
5. Нажать "Найти"
На втором шаге у вас выпадут страховые программы.
Выбрать программу Альфа Классик С, покрытием- 40000 $/€

Промокод spl - 5%

Это наша рекомендация, вы можете оформить страховку с аналогичными условиями у любой компании.
What is the best way to buy airplane tickets to join a tour?
When buying airplane tickets, it is important to consider the time difference between the point of departure and Kamchatka. For example, if your tour starts on 01 April, it means that you need to be in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on 01 April. And it means that you need to depart from Moscow, Novosibirsk or Irkutsk on 31 March. From Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Sakhalin or Blagoveshchensk, you can depart on the same date, provided there is a convenient flight. You can arrive at any hour of the day or night of your tour start date, or earlier. Next-day (after the start date) arrival is not permitted, irrespective of the tour programme. Depending on the weather, the tour schedule may change and you risk missing the start of the tour, which is not refundable. The last date of the tour is the return flight date. You may fly back on this date or any time after. If returning to Moscow, you will land on the same date you departed from Kamchatka. The same applies to other cities in Russia, with a difference of one hour.
What kind of medical insurance is required?
The insurance must be valid throughout the entire duration of the tour and cover the following: “freeride / off-piste skiing or snowboarding / skiing or snowboarding in non-marked areas”. Merely stating “Mountain skiing” will not suffice! Medical insurance is mandatory for all tour participants.
What is the time difference with Kamchatka?
With Moscow +9 hours (if it is 12:00 in Moscow, it is 21:00 in Kamchatka).<br>
Is it possible to arrive before the start of the tour?
Yes, you can arrive earlier if you wish. Please let us know when booking a tour, that you are planning to arrive earlier, and we will help you find accommodation and plan your stay.
How physically fit does one have to be to join a tour?
No special training is required, but you need to be in a minimally good physical shape.&nbsp;
What are my additional expenses when in Kamchatka?
Your additional expenses may be alcohol, lunch on a free day, caviar, fish you may buy on the market for yourself or as a souvenir. You will also most likely want to buy presents for yourself and family and friends.
What is the best month for skiing or snowboarding?
Skiing season in Kamchatka starts to the fullest in mid-February and ends in May, but it is possible to start skiing already in December – January. This is why we organise our tours during this period. The weather has lately become unpredictable, with no specific pattern and while one year the most suitable snow and weather conditions can be in April, the following year it is in February and then again in March. Known as the snowiest month with the most abundant snowfall, March has not been justifying this title lately. Yet, we have also cases when tourists could not ski in March at all due to heavy snowfall. In other words, is hard to predict the weather with a 100% certainty. Checking the forecast one week ahead, even the first 1 or 2 days cannot give a certain indication of what it will be line on the tour. So, trust your destiny and karma and choose the most optimal tour dates. And remember that we have already done our best to choose the best possible dates.<br>
Can sites on a 4x4 tour be visited by a city vehicle?
The particularity of Kamchatka is that the most interesting and beautiful sites and areas are remote can only be accessed on off-road vehicles. Not every experienced driver on a well-equipped vehicle can always cover the 80 km on the map. The road itself is just one part of the job, the rest requires precise understanding of the direction, confident use of the vehicle’s capabilities, knowledge of the smallest nuances and changes on the day: a snowfield over a river can thaw, for example, in one day. An experienced driver guide will pay attention to the tiniest new crack in the snowfield, while a newbie on this road will not and will risk falling through into the snowfield. And bear in mind that along the way, you need to drive over snowfields, sharp ascents and descents, dry river beds and fords or along dirt road tracks. Even vehicles prepared for such obstacles often need additional assistance – a winch, a shovel and control of the situation help out.<br> This is why a simple city car is good for driving around the city or to the Khalaktyrsky beach in the summer, provided the road has been graded, while all 4x4 tours require well-prepared vehicles and an experienced driver.<br> <br>
Is it possible to fly to the Valley of Geysers in winter/spring?
In winter and spring there is still snow in the Valley of Geysers and all the natural beauty of the place remains hidden. That is why there are no group tours until the beginning of summer. Individual flights are possible on small helicopters and the price is provided on request.<br>
Is it possible to travel with children?
Snowmobile tours are suitable for both adults and children with slight age restrictions:<br> Children under 4 years of age are not allowed to join our tours;<br> between 4 to 6 years of age – upon prior agreement;<br> between 6 to 12 years of age – ₽4,000/person.<br> Over 12 years of age – full adult price.<br> <br>
Which tour gives me a 100% certainty to see orcas?
On open sea tours, our team is doing its best to make sure our guests can enjoy marine animal watching, as per the tour programme. It is alas not possible to have an agreement with wild animals and we cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will see orcas on a specific tour. We only know that the more days you spend at sea, the higher the chance of seeing them.
Is medical insurance required?
Yes, we always require a medical insurance for all our tours.&nbsp;<br> A complete travel insurance with extreme sports coverage – for hiking up to 2,500 m, yachting, kayaking / surfing.<br> Different insurance companies have different policy options and you may be required to pay for an additional winter / extreme sports add-on. Further conditions may be the minimum number of people on a tour.&nbsp;<br> Please remember in Kamchatka in case of emergency an ordinary ambulance may not be able to reach the mountains or the ocean and special assistance may be required. Please ensure that your insurance covers all the scenarios.<br> Do explain to your insurance provider the nature or your trip and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.<br>
Why is heli-ski so expensive?
The main cost of a heli-ski tour is the helicopter flight time, bearing in mind that Mi-8 helicopters fly in mountainous terrain and pilots must have a specific flying licence. The more there is flight time on a tour, the more expensive the tour is.<br>
Sleeping on the vessel, not on the shore? Will I get sea sick?
On sailing tours, guests sleep in the cabins, not on the shore. For the night, the vessel is anchored in a quiet locked-in bay, so at night it gently sways on the waves – exactly what you need for a good sleep.<br>
How much time should I set aside for sightseeing in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky?
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a relatively small city. You can walk around its historical centre on your own or take a three-hour tour. This can be done right on the day of arrival (tours must be arranged in advance). On the Mishennaya sopka you can watch the sunset or the sunrise – a beautiful view opens from up there. You can reach it either on foot, taking a bus at “5 km” bus stop or by taxi. Tour programme usually (but not always) takes this into account. There is no need to set an extra day aside.<br> <br>
How many guides accompany a group?
Groups up to 4 people – 1 guide; 5 – 9 people – 2 guides; 10 – 15 people – 3 guides; 16 – 19 people – 4 guides.
How many times is it doable to ski down in one day of freeride with drops-off by snowmobile?
Usually a day of freeride with snowmobile drop-offs includes 6-8 descents. Each subsequent descent is paid for additionally.
How many times is it doable to ski down in one heli-ski day?
A typical heli-ski day (not a short tour) envisages 6 to 10 descents, depending on the level of skiing of the group, snow conditions, wind strength and remoteness of the skiing area.<br> <br>
I would like to travel with a partner, but he (she) does not ski. What can you suggest?
We custom-design tours for guests who do not ski or snowboard in accordance with their interests so that they still spend a lot of time with those who do: in the evenings or on certain trips. Many our guests have availed of this option!
What to bring?
Everything you need for the trip is prepared by the guide. You can take photo and video equipment and portable chargers for gadgets.<br>
Какая у вас разница во времени?
С Москвой +4 часа. Т.е если в Москве 12:00, то в Шерегеше 16:00.
Как правильно купить авиабилеты на программу?
Трансфер из аэропорта Новокузнецка до Шерегеша будет организован на комфортабельном микроавтобусе и займёт около 3 часов. Обратитесь к нам дополнительно, если для вас важен трансфер через Новосибирск, однако, имейте в виду, что в этом случае дорога до Шерегеша на автомобиле займёт около 7 часов и может быть существенно дольше из-за погодных условий на трассе. В случае прилёта в Новокузнецк при покупке билетов важно учитывать время в полете и разницу во времени между местом вылета и аэропортом Новокузнецка (+4 часа с Москвой). Например, если у вас программа начинается 19 ноября, это значит, что вам нужно быть в Новокузнецке 19 ноября, однако большинство рейсов будут вылетать из городов России на день раньше, 18 ноября. Прилететь на следующий день нельзя независимо от того, что обозначено в вашей программе – из-за погоды могут быть внесены изменения в порядок проведения программы, и тогда вы можете пропустить выезд, за который в таких условиях возврат не предусмотрен. Последний день программы – это день вылета.
Какие дополнительные затраты на месте меня ждут?
Дополнительными затратами могут быть: алкоголь, обед в последний день программы, бары, рестораны и клубы Шерегеша.
Сколько гидов на группу?
С группой будут работать 2 профессиональных гида Kamchatka Freeride Community. Также в отдельные дни с группой будет фото- и видеооператор.
Сколько спусков за 1 день?
Количество спусков зависит от уровня группы, выбранных спотов для катания и формата дня по программе. В среднем можно рассчитывать на 10 спусков в день при катании с ратрака или снегохода, а также вне трасс при использовании подъёмника. В день ски-тура делаем 1-2 спуска.
Что делать в плохую погоду зимой?
Все зависит от того, насколько погода плохая. Иногда можно взять дополнительную программу с активностями, не включающими катание или заменить хели-ски снегоходными забросками. Если катание невозможно, тогда есть варианты экскурсионных маршрутов на снегоходе или на машине. Для тех, кто готов испытать совершенно незабываемые впечатления, мы предложим серфинг. Когда остается возможным передвижение по городу, то мы можем предложить городскую экскурсию и посещение интерактивной площадки «Вулканариум». Если же на улицу будет не выйти, то у нас в запасе мастер-классы по приготовлению камчатских деликатесов, проведение интересных встреч на тему Камчатских путешествий, истории и др.
What to do on free days?
We have a variety of additional seasonal activities not included in your main tour. Please contact us for more details.
What if my tour has been cancelled?
Payment is made after your application has been confirmed by our manager.&nbsp;<br> Tour cancellation / refund policy:<br> - if a tour has been cancelled due to weather conditions or technical reasons – 100% refund.<br> - if a tour has been cancelled at the customer’s request 3 days or less before the tour start date – 40% refund.<br> - if a tour has been cancelled by the customer less than 1 day before the tour start date – no refund.<br> <br>
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