Кирилл Серёгин
Kiril Seryogin
Founder of the Kamchatka Freeride Community Guide (skiing), kayaker, MTB rider It does not take him long to turn his ideas into reality
Алексей Пуговкин
Alexey Pugovkin
General Director of the Kamchatka Freeride Community Guide (skiing), kayaker, MTB rider The man of action
Павел Верещака
Pavel Vereshyagin
Founder of the Kamchatka Freeride Community Guide (snowboard) "Kosatka" captain assistant Life of the party Our team’s style icon
Кирилл Киселёв (Кися)
Kiril Kiselyov (Kisya)
As grand on skis as he is on snowboard 1st category snowboard instructor and judge Fishing guide English language teacher, rapper
Николай Бояркин
Nikolay Boyarkin
Founder of the Kamchatka Freeride Community Captain of the KOSATKA sailing catamaran Snowmobile driver He can fix ABSOLUTELY everything
Никита Павлов
Nikita Pavlov
Guide (Alpine skis), skater A master expert in 4x4s and simply a good lad
Анна Бучок
Anna Buchok
Head of Sales and tourist support Sporty, friendly, loving people, animals and nature. Will answer any question or help solve any problem :)
Полина Ивахненко
Полина Ивахненко
Координатор групп
Алексей Тарусов
Алексей Тарусов
Менеджер по работе с клиентами (московский офис)
Общается с клиентами, катает на сноуборде, бренчит на гитаре, любит легкий парус и яхтенный спорт.
Алексей Селивончик
Alexey Selivonchik
Account Manager (Moscow office) Chatty and knows absolutely all types of sport
Андрей Журавлевич
Andrey Zhuravlevich
Manager of Bay House and Granin House Moved from Moscow to Kamchatka
Владимир Егоров
Vladimir Egorov
Video operator, FPV pilot, snowboarder For a good shot, will catch up with anyone
Максим Степаненко
Maxim Stepanenko
Leading specialist in intuitive transport logistics in the company. He knows every river up to the Sea of Okhotsk.
Марина Парыгина
Marina Parygina
Bay House administrator In charge of merchandise Her motto: “Do what you like and never regret!”
Виталия Ильина
Vitalia Ilyina
Bay House administrator “I love Kamchatka and everything about it with all my heart. Kamchatka is a wonderful harsh environment! People here have a volcano where the heart is!”
Алексей Серегин
Andrey Maznichenko
Sold his soul to the local cuisine Gets his inspiration from music and the beauty of Kamchatka DJ
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