Russkaya Bay on a catamaran

Sailing and animal watching
Tour: 2 days
Sea lion watching
Sea sailing trip
Russkaya Bay is one of the most famous and beautiful bays on the Kamchatka’s eastern coast. It is a deep fjord, which allows for access by large ships, jutting out into the coast for 8 km and is a reliable shelter from storms.
Stunningly beautiful Cape Kekurny is at the entrance to the bay. Numerous rocks and kekurs sticking out of the water are a favourite resting place for sea lions. We will be able to watch them directly from the catamaran! And of course, there is also a chance of seeing orcas, grey and humpback whales.

Summer Kamchatka in 2 minutes
Kamchatka is a unique region where volcanoes erupt and the ocean rages all year round.
Day 1
Meeting the team
After arrival at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky seaport, you will meet the crew and check-in on the “Kosatka” sailing catamaran. We will then sail to Russkaya Bay and will have an opportunity to watch marine mammals.
Day 2
Breakfast. Kayaking.
After breakfast on board the catamaran, we will go kayaking in the waters of the bay. Our guides will ensure safety throughout your stay on water. If we are lucky, we will see spotted seals that starting from June come here to rest on the shallows in the bay.
We will visit Cape Kekurny, home to a year-round sea lion rookery and then sail to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in search of orcas and whales. Lunch on board the catamaran. Arrival at the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
We will help you choose a program and book a place
2 days on the “Kosatka” catamaran
List of things
Personal items and equipment
  • Wind- and waterproof membrane jacket (preferably with insulation)
  • Comfortable lightweight and quick-dry sports pants that can keep you warm in low temperatures
  • Fleece jacket or sweater
  • A pair of t-shirts
  • A hat
  • Socks (several pairs)
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Shoes. Sturdy boots with rigid soles, high enough to hold the foot well, comfortably well-worn.
  • Shoes. Sports slippers or runners
  • Sleeping bag
Reviews of our program participants
In the two days of sailing, we embraced the immensity. The weather was favourable, the ocean was calm, sea lions were friendly, and orcas were welcoming. Orcas!!! Another dream has come true. We walked on the rusty ships in the Russkaya Bay, SUP surfed and paddled in kayaks greeting ringed seal, and in the evening, we fried bread on a fire by the shore of the ocean. In these two days, I saw such magical places that I could only see TV on the Discovery Channel. Kamchatka is an incredible place – it’s true. And everyone who loves to travel (although I don’t even know people who don’t) should come here and go sailing or at least take a one-day boat trip in the ocean. Many thanks to the Kamchatka Freeride Community for this adventure and simply cosmic emotions!

Natalia (Russia), 2018

To experience the incredible diversity of this remote region, we spent two days and one night on the catamaran. We saw puffins, sea lions and suddenly orcas all around us. As soon as orcas appear, they quickly disappear again. Thank you very much for this unforgettable trip, Kamchatka Freeride Community.

Katrine (Germany), 2019

Kayaking in the Russkaya Bay is a great way to actively spend time and see all the beauties of this region. A little bit of salt is when you are getting wet under a waterfall while trying to take a photo. And if you add good weather and a great company, you get a recipe for 100% happiness)))

Victoria (Russia), 2019

Answers to frequently asked questions
How physically fit does one have to be to join a tour?
No special training is required, but you need to be in a minimally good physical shape. 
Which tour gives me a 100% certainty to see orcas?
On open sea tours, our team is doing its best to make sure our guests can enjoy marine animal watching, as per the tour programme. It is alas not possible to have an agreement with wild animals and we cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will see orcas on a specific tour. We only know that the more days you spend at sea, the higher the chance of seeing them.
Sleeping on the vessel, not on the shore? Will I get sea sick?
On sailing tours, guests sleep in the cabins, not on the shore. For the night, the vessel is anchored in a quiet locked-in bay, so at night it gently sways on the waves – exactly what you need for a good sleep.<br>
Russkaya Bay on a catamaran
Sailing and animal watching
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