Kamchatka in a week

Weekly tour
Tour: 7 days
Suitable for everyone
Bear watching
Kamchatka is a unique place. It is a land of erupting volcanoes and the ocean raging all year round. Across time zones, from all over the world, thousands of tourists fly to Kamchatka to see and experience our “hot” land and its volcanoes under the snow, feel the power of the icy ocean, bask in thermal springs and touch the region’s wild nature, dozing under the snow. 
Summer Kamchatka in 2 minutes
Kamchatka is a unique region where volcanoes erupt and the ocean rages all year round.
Day 1
Arrival in Kamchatka
Arrival. Meeting at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International Airport. Transfer to the guest house in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Check-in. Free time, dinner and rest.
Day 2
Avachinsky Pass
After breakfast we have an excursion by snowmobiles to the Avachinsky Pass sandwiched between two active volcanoes – Avachinsky (2,741 m) and Koryaksky (3,456 m). We will get there by snowmobile with a passenger sled. Weather permitting, we will then climb extrusion Mount Camel at the foothills of the two volcanoes. Panoramic views from its peak over Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes, the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yelizovo are simply mesmerising. After the descent, we will have a delicious lunch. Return to the city. Dinner and rest.
Day 3
Spare \ free day
Breakfast. Spare / free day. Additional activities possible. Dinner and rest.
Day 4
Vilyuchinsky Pass
After breakfast we will again leave on snowmobiles and head towards the foothills of Vilyuchinsky Volcano (2,173 m) and climb the mountain serpentine road to the Vilyuchinsky Pass (1,100 m). From here you will have before your eyes a stunning view over the surrounding landscape. We will take a walk on the observation area guarded by three statues of gamuls (mountain spirits according a local belief) and we will then head to the frozen Vilyuchinsky Waterfall. Turbulent water streams in winter (from November to May) turn into blue ice, forming a giant ice block. On the way back, we will stop for a swim in a thermal pool. Return to the city. Dinner and rest.
Day 5
Spare \ free day
Breakfast. Spare / free day. Additional activities possible. Dinner and rest.
Day 6-7
Cape Mayachniy
After breakfast we will leave by snowmobiles (with a passenger sleds) to Cape Mayachny, where Avacha Bay and the endless Pacific Ocean meet. We will drive along the coast, indented with small bays, and will make a stop at the observation area to see the Three Brothers rock islets that according to a local legend protect Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from tsunamis. Another attraction on the route is the Petropavlovsky Lighthouse, called the grandfather of lighthouses in the Far East of Russia, because it was built in the first half of the 19th century and is still in operation. We will go down to the shore of a small but picturesque bay, where we will have lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Return to the city. Dinner and rest.
Day 8
Spare \ free day
Breakfast. Spare / free day. Additional activities possible. Dinner and rest.
Day 9
Airport transfer
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport with a stop at the fish market and souvenir shop.
We will help you choose a program and book a place
What is included in the price?
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • all transfers according to the tour programme
  • manager support
  • accommodation in a guest house / on the catamaran
  • breakfast and dinner in the guest house
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner on the catamaran / by the lake
  • snacks on the hikes
  • catamaran charter with a scientist joining on board
  • guides
What is not included in the price?
  • return flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • lunch on the day of arrival, lunch on free days
  • additional services
  • medical insurance
Please note:
  • The order of tour days may change
  • Foreign citizens are required to pay an additional fee of ₽25,000 (for permits, documents, English-speaking guide, etc.)
  • The distribution of participants by the guests house is determined by the organizers
  • If you need single accommodation, ley the manager know
Porridge (millet, oatmeal, rice, corn) with dried apricots and raisins or fruit. Hot sandwiches (with crab meat or ham and cheese). Fried eggs with bacon and fresh salad. Omelette with crab and fresh vegetables. Toast with red fish. Cottage cheese casserole. Pancakes with red caviar.
A broth made from two types of halibut (white halibut and blue halibut). Fern soup. Red fish “ukha” soup. Deer-meat borscht. Creamy crab soup.
Main course
Blue halibut baked in sauce and lemon. Cod baked with vegetables. Salmon with crab and cream cheese. Venison fried with potatoes. Salmon cutlets with creamy sauce.
Side dishes
Mashed potatoes, rice, vegetables, fried broccoli.
“Kamchatsky” salad with squid, cucumber and red caviar. Lightly salted salmon with fresh cucumber and quinoa. Olivier venison salad. Salad with opilio crab, fresh tomato and iceberg lettuce. Salad with Olyutorskaya herring and mustard dressing. Kamchatka fern with oil.
If you have dietary restrictions, please indicate this when booking the program, we will definitely take this into account.
Reviews of our program participants
Thank you, Kamchatka Freeride Community, for organising the stay, and Bay House for such a wonderful and charming holiday and always delicious fresh food. Who knows, maybe one day I will be your guide in Iran. I’m sure you'll like, Iran so different.

Peyman Soodmand, 2020

Additional services
Ethnic experience excursion and visit to the sled dog kennel
On this tour, friendly sled dogs will take you on a sled ride. The hosts will introduce you to the customs of the Kamchatka peoples, sing national songs, let you try on ethnic costumes, and prepared traditional dishes for you.

from 6 000 rub \ person
4x4 tour to the Vachkazhets mountain range: 1 day
On this tour you will see the most beautiful mountain lakes with unusually clear water. One of the lakes is called Tahkoloch and is located right at the start of the hiking trail along the Vachkazhets mountain range.

from 13 000 rub \ person
Bathing in thermal springs
There are over a hundred hot springs on the peninsula. There are man-made pools with recreation areas or simple public access pools.

from 1 500 rub \ person
Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers: 1 day
Known as the pearl of Kamchatka, the Valley of Geysers, hidden among the mountains, was discovered not so long ago, in 1941. It has since then been annually attracting tourists from all over the world – there are few such places on our planet. The tour includes: three helicopter landings, lunch, bathing in hot springs.

from 56 000 rub \ person
Helicopter excursion to the Kuril Lake: 1 day
Vising the Kuril Lake will give you a chance to see the king of the Kamchatka forests – the brown bear in its natural habitat. The tour includes: three helicopter landings, lunch, bathing in hot springs.

from 56 000 rub \ person
List of things
Personal items
  • Wind- and waterproof membrane jacket (preferably with insulation)
  • Comfortable lightweight and quick-dry sports pants that can keep you warm in low temperatures
  • Fleece jacket or sweater
  • Warm vest
  • A pair of t-shirts
  • Underwear, incl. thermal underwear
  • A hat
  • Socks (several pairs)
  • Gloves
  • Swimming suit
Gear and equipment
  • Ski spats – protecting the leg and boot from small stones, sand and sometimes water getting inside the boot.
  • Headlamp or pocket flashlight
  • Individual first aid kit
  • Mosquito repellent with an active ingredient content of at least 23%
  • Alpenstocks walking poles
  • Medium-size backpack up to 30L for personal belongings, snacks during day trips
Answers to frequently asked questions
How physically fit does one have to be to join a tour?
No special training is required, but you need to be in a minimally good physical shape. 
Can sites on a 4x4 tour be visited by a city vehicle?
The particularity of Kamchatka is that the most interesting and beautiful sites and areas are remote can only be accessed on off-road vehicles. Not every experienced driver on a well-equipped vehicle can always cover the 80 km on the map. The road itself is just one part of the job, the rest requires precise understanding of the direction, confident use of the vehicle’s capabilities, knowledge of the smallest nuances and changes on the day: a snowfield over a river can thaw, for example, in one day. An experienced driver guide will pay attention to the tiniest new crack in the snowfield, while a newbie on this road will not and will risk falling through into the snowfield. And bear in mind that along the way, you need to drive over snowfields, sharp ascents and descents, dry river beds and fords or along dirt road tracks. Even vehicles prepared for such obstacles often need additional assistance – a winch, a shovel and control of the situation help out.<br> This is why a simple city car is good for driving around the city or to the Khalaktyrsky beach in the summer, provided the road has been graded, while all 4x4 tours require well-prepared vehicles and an experienced driver.<br> <br>
Is it possible to arrive before the start of the tour?
Yes, you can arrive earlier if you wish. Please let us know when booking a tour, that you are planning to arrive earlier, and we will help you find accommodation and plan your stay.
What is the time difference with Kamchatka?
With Moscow +9 hours (if it is 12:00 in Moscow, it is 21:00 in Kamchatka).<br>
What is the best way to buy airplane tickets to join a tour?
When buying airplane tickets, it is important to consider the time difference between the point of departure and Kamchatka. For example, if your tour starts on 01 April, it means that you need to be in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on 01 April. And it means that you need to depart from Moscow, Novosibirsk or Irkutsk on 31 March. From Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Sakhalin or Blagoveshchensk, you can depart on the same date, provided there is a convenient flight. You can arrive at any hour of the day or night of your tour start date, or earlier. Next-day (after the start date) arrival is not permitted, irrespective of the tour programme. Depending on the weather, the tour schedule may change and you risk missing the start of the tour, which is not refundable. The last date of the tour is the return flight date. You may fly back on this date or any time after. If returning to Moscow, you will land on the same date you departed from Kamchatka. The same applies to other cities in Russia, with a difference of one hour.
What are my additional expenses when in Kamchatka?
Your additional expenses may be alcohol, lunch on a free day, caviar, fish you may buy on the market for yourself or as a souvenir. You will also most likely want to buy presents for yourself and family and friends.
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Kamchatka in a week
Weekly tour
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