Freeride (heli) day

Freeride with drop-offs by helicopter
5-10 descents per day
Outdoor lunch
Avalanche equipment provided
Helicopter is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel. You can in one day visit different areas, make descents from numerous peaks and passes, ski down to the ocean coast or into the crater of an active volcano.
This tour is one-day “heli day” programme, during which you can ski downhill up to 10 times from the sopkas and volcanoes.
You can join an existing group (subject to availability) or request a separate tour for any number of participants (up to 13 people); the price is calculated per person.
Freeride with helicopter drops
report video from the program on March 19, 2021
Departure from the city
Group meeting at the designated location, distribution of avalanche equipment, meeting the guides, briefing, transfer to the heliport.
We then board a helicopter and fly to the ski area.
After the briefing, the ski area for the day will be determined by the guides and pilots.
We will make up to 10 descents, 2 km to 6 km long with elevation difference of 700 m to 2,000 m.
Dinner. Flight to the heliport
After lunch outdoors, we will return to the heliport.
Return to the city
Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
We will help you choose a program and book a place
Reviews of our program participants

So, today I was once again convinced that not a single thing in the world (iPhones, cars, etc.) they will not give you such a buzz, feelings of happiness, emotions, memories as a wheelchair and nature! You have to love life, not things… I was very afraid, I scrabbled along the slopes, but I didn't stop. It was my first freeride and I think it went well. I will continue to study and will definitely come back to you many more times. Polina, personally, a huge thank you to you as a guide to this world and to your entire company! I think if another person had been in touch with me, I wouldn't have gone.

Mike (Vladivostok) March 2023

When we arrived in Kamchatka, we immediately started looking for heli-ski options. We did not book any tour or flight hours, we were just really lucky. The guys from the Kamchatka Freeride Community responded to my request, they had a group and we successfully fit into the group and were lucky with the weather! Experienced local guides Alexey Pugovkin and Elena Safonova – thank you for our safety. Thanks again to the pilots from Vityaz Aero. P.S. And one more thing – I FELL IN LOVE! KAMCHATKA is in my HEART!!!

Christian, 2021

A thousand words could not describe what it was like today. Immense areas with untouched snow, with powder flying above your head. It was a freeride experience that blows your mind away. My entire snowboarding journey is now divided into before and after today. In these moments you feel freedom and this is the purest buzz. Many thanks to the Kamchatka Freeride Community for such an incredible day. You are cool to the core. I wish you success and prosperity! I have now added to my piggy bank of desires, a wish to return to Kamchatka and blow the powder up with you once again.

Dmitry (Russia), 2021

I jumped into the Mi-8 at the last moment. The flight might not have taken place, but everything happened – and it became an exclamation point for the whole trip! This time we descended towards the ocean. Thanks to the guys from @kamchatka_freeride_community, you are fire!

Elvira (Russia), 2021

List of things
Personal items and equipment
  • Alpine skis / snowboard
  • Ski / snowboard boots
  • Ski poles
  • Mask and helmet
  • Avalanche equipment
  • Mittens / gloves
  • Fleece and thermal underwear
  • Hat / buff
У нас есть свой прокат, забронируйте оборудование, которое вам точно понадобится на программе
Answers to frequently asked questions
What kind of medical insurance is required?
The insurance must be valid throughout the entire duration of the tour and cover the following: “freeride / off-piste skiing or snowboarding / skiing or snowboarding in non-marked areas”. Merely stating “Mountain skiing” will not suffice! Medical insurance is mandatory for all tour participants.
How is the level of skiing determined in advance?
In the combined group, we can never guarantee a certain level of skiing. We base our judgement on the answers provided by our guests to the following questions: How long have you been skiing? How often? Where do you ski? How can you define your level of skiing? But the answers are always subjective and everyone can interpret the questions differently.<br> <br>
How many guides accompany a group?
Groups up to 4 people – 1 guide; 5 – 9 people – 2 guides; 10 – 15 people – 3 guides; 16 – 19 people – 4 guides.
What if my tour has been cancelled?
Payment is made after your application has been confirmed by our manager.&nbsp;<br> Tour cancellation / refund policy:<br> - if a tour has been cancelled due to weather conditions or technical reasons – 100% refund.<br> - if a tour has been cancelled at the customer’s request 3 days or less before the tour start date – 40% refund.<br> - if a tour has been cancelled by the customer less than 1 day before the tour start date – no refund.<br> <br>
Why is heli-ski so expensive?
The main cost of a heli-ski tour is the helicopter flight time, bearing in mind that Mi-8 helicopters fly in mountainous terrain and pilots must have a specific flying licence. The more there is flight time on a tour, the more expensive the tour is.<br>
Freeride (heli) day
Freeride with drop-offs by helicopter
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Freeride (heli) day
Freeride with drop-offs by helicopter
от 80 000 р.
Начислим от 6 400 bonuses
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