Lake Tolmacheva

Two-day tour
Tour: 2 days
Bear watching
“Picturesque Lake Tolmacheva surrounded by large fields of berries and mushrooms is a major place of attraction for bears and it is here that we will spend two days in our stationary base camp equipped with all the amenities. We will also sail a motor boat and paddle on kayaks and in good weather, you can admire the Opala, Mutnovsky, Gorely, Khodutka and Ksudach volcanoes directly from the water. We will hike up to the crater “Bear’s bowl” lake.”

Tolmacheva Lake
Video guide to one of the most picturesque lakes of Kamchatka.
Day 1
Departure from the city
The drive from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the lake takes approximately 4 hours.
Maar “Chasha”
On the way to Lake Tolmacheva there is an interesting natural phenomenon – maar – a broad and shallow crater. About 4,600 years ago, an eruption here has created shallow craters that have since been filled ith water and turned into lakes. Maar “Chasha” (meaning “bowl” in Russian) is about 800 m in diameter and 250 m deep. Bears love to rest on its shores in the shade of cedar elfin, which has given this crater lake another name – Medvezhya Chasha (Bear’s bowl). The vicinity of maar “Chasha” is dotted with Erman’s birch trees (also known as stone birches) over 400 years old.
Arrival at the base camp
Our camp is located right on the shores of Lake Tolmacheva. We will take a walk in the surroundings, enjoy the mountain landscapes and have dinner.
Boat trip
We will take a motorboat trip across the lake to its rarely visited and wild shore. That is why the bears feel safe here and come to feed on delicious berries.
Dinner and overnight in the base camp.
Day 2
Kayaking on Lake Tolmacheva
After breakfast, kayaking on Lake Tolmacheva is awaiting you. If we are lucky, we will see wild brown bears in the tundra surrounding the lake.
Return to the city
Lunch in the base camp and return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
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What is included in the price?
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • all transfers according to the tour programme
  • manager support
  • accommodation
  • breakfast and dinner
  • snacks during trips, lunch on the day of arrival
  • guides
  • transportation by snowmobiles and helicopter
Please note:
  • the order of tour days may change
  • health insurance is compulsory for everyone
  • skiing area plan is approximate
  • foreign citizens are required to pay an additional fee of ₽25,000 (for permits, documents, English-speaking guide, etc.)
One day in the base camp on Lake Tolmacheva
List of things
Personal items
  • Wind- and waterproof membrane jacket (preferably with insulation)
  • Shoes. Sturdy boots with rigid soles, high enough to hold the foot well, comfortably well-worn.
  • Gloves (if needed)
  • Hat / buff
  • Fleece and thermal underwear
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Backpack for day trips
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Answers to frequently asked questions
What if my tour has been cancelled?
Payment is made after your application has been confirmed by our manager.&nbsp;<br> Tour cancellation / refund policy:<br> - if a tour has been cancelled due to weather conditions or technical reasons – 100% refund.<br> - if a tour has been cancelled at the customer’s request 3 days or less before the tour start date – 40% refund.<br> - if a tour has been cancelled by the customer less than 1 day before the tour start date – no refund.<br> <br>
Lake Tolmacheva
Two-day tour
30 000 р.
Начислим 2 400 bonuses
1 бонус = 1 рубль

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