Secrets of the ocean

Watching orcas, climbing a volcano
Tour: 9 days
Orca watching
Climbing a volcano
Sea lion watching

This cruise has already become a classic of our summer season. Together with biologists from the FEROP (Far East Russian Orca Project) project, we will open the world of orcas for you, tell you about their differences and similarities to each other. You will learn about the features that we, humans, share with orcas and you will participate in the scientific research activities.

Sailing area: Shipunsky Peninsula – Russkaya Bay (to be determined immediately before departure by the captain and biologists based on the weather forecast and other data).

Secrets of the Ocean
report video from the program for 2017
Day 1
Arrival in Kamchatka
Arrival and meeting at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International Airport. Transfer to the guest house, with a stop-by at the “Russia starts here” monument. Free time, rest after the flight. In the evening tour briefing, dinner and overnight at the guest house.
Day 2
Check-in on the catamaran, putting out to sea
After breakfast at the guest house, we leave for the seaport to check in on our "Kosatka" sailing catamaran that be waiting for you at the pier. Meeting the crew, briefing. Putting out to sea. Lunch and dinner will be served on board the catamaran. You will spend the night in the cabins on the catamaran.
Day 3
Watching orcas
We will sail along the eastern coast of Kamchatka and will visit Bechevinskaya, Morzhovaya, Zheleznaya, Russkaya bays. The exact direction will be determined based on the weather and the assumptions about the presence of whales and orcas. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served on board the catamaran. You will spend the night in the cabins on the catamaran
Day 4
Return to the city
Return to the city no later than 19:00. Check-in at the guest house, dinner. Overnight at the guest house.
Day 5
Free / extra day
After breakfast, you have a free / extra day, set aside in case of bad weather. Today you can book additional trips. Dinner at the guest house.
Day 6
Climbing a volcano
After breakfast at the guest house, we will drive by a special 4x4 vehicle to Mutnovsky Volcano (2,323 m). Mutnovsky is one of the most beautiful and accessible volcanoes in southern Kamchatka. The total travel time to the volcano is about 4 hours and en route we will be able admire Vilyuchinsky Volcano, Vilyuchinsky waterfall, Vilyuchinsky Pass, active Gorely Volcano and will drive along the picturesque Gorely and Mutnovsky calderas. If we are lucky, on the way to the crater we will meet local inhabitants – black-capped marmots (tarbagans). Climbing up to the volcano crater takes approximately 2 hours. Return to the city. Dinner and overnight at the guest house.
Day 7
Trip to Avachinsky Pass
After breakfast, we will leave to Avachinsky Pass. The road from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the foothills of Avachinsky Volcano takes approximately 2 hours and passes along a dry river bed, that gets filled with meltwater after winter. In the summer, you can hike in-between the two active volcanoes, climb Mount Camel and see the amazing vegetation of the high-altitude tundra. In the vicinity of the shelter and visitor centre of the natural park, tourists are greeted by amusing Beringian ground squirrels (evrazhki). Return to the city. Dinner and overnight at the guest house.
Day 8
Airport transfer
Breakfast at the guest house. Transfer to the airport with a stop at the fish market and souvenir shops.
We will help you choose a program and book a place
What is included in the price?
  • meeting and seeing off at the airport
  • all transfers according to the program
  • accompaniment by the manager
  • accommodation in a guest house / on a catamaran / in a camp on the lake
  • breakfasts and dinners at the guest house
  • breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the catamaran / on the lake
  • перекусы на пеших маршрутах
  • accompaniment by guides
  • catamaran charter
  • equipment rental (trekking poles, sleeping bags)
What is not included in the price?
  • return flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • lunch on free days
  • additional services
  • medical insurance
Additional services
4x4 tour to the Dacha hot springs (small Valley of Geysers): 1 day
from 12 000 rub/person / 1 day
Dacha hot thermal springs are located at the southeastern foothills of the Skalistaya Sopka and are called the “small Valley of Geysers” due to the fact that the hot gases of this fumarole field pass through the water of a cold stream, heat it up and, in some cases, create a gushing effect.
Ethnic experience excursion and visit to the sled dog kennel
from 6 000 rub/person
On this tour, friendly sled dogs will take you on a sled ride. The hosts will introduce you to the customs of the Kamchatka peoples, sing national songs, let you try on ethnic costumes, and prepared traditional dishes for you.
Bathing in thermal springs
from 1 500 rub/person
There are over a hundred hot springs on the peninsula. There are man-made pools with recreation areas or simple public access pools.
Helicopter excursion to the Kuril Lake: 1 day
from 52 000 rub/person / 1 day
Vising the Kuril Lake will give you a chance to see the king of the Kamchatka forests – the brown bear in its natural habitat. The tour includes: three helicopter landings, lunch, bathing in hot springs.
Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers: 1 day
from 52 000 rub/person / 1 day
Known as the pearl of Kamchatka, the Valley of Geysers, hidden among the mountains, was discovered not so long ago, in 1941. It has since then been annually attracting tourists from all over the world – there are few such places on our planet. The tour includes: three helicopter landings, lunch, bathing in hot springs.
Reviews of our program participants
We are back! In each of these 5 days, the ocean could clearly fit 5 more: you look at the clock at 9, then so much happens that would not happen “normally” in a week, and it is not even noon yet. You start missing the ocean on the very first evening on shore, returning completely renewed!

Svetlana (Russia), 2019

List of things
Personal items
  • Wind- and waterproof membrane jacket (preferably with insulation)
  • Comfortable lightweight and quick-dry sports pants that can keep you warm in low temperatures
  • Fleece jacket or sweater
  • Warm vest
  • A pair of t-shirts
  • Underwear, incl. thermal underwear
  • A hat
  • Socks (several pairs)
  • Gloves
  • Swimming suit
Gear and equipment
  • Ski spats – protecting the leg and boot from small stones, sand and sometimes water getting inside the boot.
  • Headlamp or pocket flashlight
  • Individual first aid kit
  • Mosquito repellent with an active ingredient content of at least 23%
  • Alpenstocks walking poles
  • Medium-size backpack up to 30L for personal belongings, snacks during day trips
У нас есть свой прокат, забронируйте оборудование, которое вам точно понадобится на программе
Porridge / scrambled eggs / cottage cheese pancakes (syrniki) + sliced bread, fruits (apples, oranges, bananas), butter, cheese, smoked meat, smoked fish.
“Ukha” soup / chicken soup with noodles / soup with fish meatballs / creamy red fish soup + salad with crab / with scallop / Greek salad / squid salad + bread.
Halibut with rice / fish cake with pasta / red fish with couscous and teriyaki vegetables + sliced vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers) + sliced smoked fish + bread.
Answers to frequently asked questions
How physically fit does one have to be to join a tour?
No special training is required, but you need to be in a minimally good physical shape. 
Sleeping on the vessel, not on the shore? Will I get sea sick?
On sailing tours, guests sleep in the cabins, not on the shore. For the night, the vessel is anchored in a quiet locked-in bay, so at night it gently sways on the waves – exactly what you need for a good sleep.<br>
Is it possible to arrive before the start of the tour?
Yes, you can arrive earlier if you wish. Please let us know when booking a tour, that you are planning to arrive earlier, and we will help you find accommodation and plan your stay.
What is the time difference with Kamchatka?
With Moscow +9 hours (if it is 12:00 in Moscow, it is 21:00 in Kamchatka).<br>
What is the best way to buy airplane tickets to join a tour?
When buying airplane tickets, it is important to consider the time difference between the point of departure and Kamchatka. For example, if your tour starts on 01 April, it means that you need to be in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on 01 April. And it means that you need to depart from Moscow, Novosibirsk or Irkutsk on 31 March. From Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Sakhalin or Blagoveshchensk, you can depart on the same date, provided there is a convenient flight. You can arrive at any hour of the day or night of your tour start date, or earlier. Next-day (after the start date) arrival is not permitted, irrespective of the tour programme. Depending on the weather, the tour schedule may change and you risk missing the start of the tour, which is not refundable. The last date of the tour is the return flight date. You may fly back on this date or any time after. If returning to Moscow, you will land on the same date you departed from Kamchatka. The same applies to other cities in Russia, with a difference of one hour.
What are my additional expenses when in Kamchatka?
Your additional expenses may be alcohol, lunch on a free day, caviar, fish you may buy on the market for yourself or as a souvenir. You will also most likely want to buy presents for yourself and family and friends.
Is medical insurance required?
Yes, we always require a medical insurance for all our tours.&nbsp;<br> A complete travel insurance with extreme sports coverage – for hiking up to 2,500 m, yachting, kayaking / surfing.<br> Different insurance companies have different policy options and you may be required to pay for an additional winter / extreme sports add-on. Further conditions may be the minimum number of people on a tour.&nbsp;<br> Please remember in Kamchatka in case of emergency an ordinary ambulance may not be able to reach the mountains or the ocean and special assistance may be required. Please ensure that your insurance covers all the scenarios.<br> Do explain to your insurance provider the nature or your trip and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.<br>
Secrets of the ocean
Watching orcas, climbing a volcano

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