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Helicopter excursions

Valley of geysers 

The valley of geysers is called the pearl of Kamchatka. Lost among the mountains, it was opened not so long ago, in 1941. Since then, the Valley of geysers annually attracts tourists from around the world, because there are not many analogues to this place on our planet. 

We will go to the Valley of geysers from the airport in the village Nikolaevka Elizovsky district.

We are waiting for a flight length of 1 hour and 10 minutes on the Mi-8 helicopter over the most beautiful places of Kamchatka. Flying over the city of Elizovo, we will fly past the active volcanoes Koryaksky and Avachinsky, leave on the starboard side another operating giant – Zhupanovsky. We will fly around the Maly Semyachik volcano, known for its emerald-green acid lake in the crater, as well as circle around the active Karymsky and, if lucky, we will see how it emits ash clouds. Today we are waiting for two walking tours - in the Valley of geysers and Caldera of its neighbor - Uzon volcano. 


Walking tour in the Valley of geysers has a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes. We will be accompanied by an experienced guide at a special decking of the paths that protect the reserved land from trampling. You will see the eruption of the Big geyser, observe the work of various thermal sites, springs and mud boilers. By the way, Kamchatka brown bears are also frequent guests of the Valley of geysers and they show only curiosity to people. 


Next, by helicopter, we will fly to the Caldera of Uzon volcano. The duration of the route is 50 minutes. The tour takes place on the Eastern thermal field, where you can admire the various thermal manifestations and fascinating lunar landscapes. Here you can see mud boilers, small volcanoes of mud and clay, boiling puddles, in short, feel the breath of the planet. The entire route along the Uzon Caldera is also equipped with wooden footpaths and steps and is accessible to people of any physical fitness.

On the way back, after a long day of sightseeing, we are waiting for lunch and swimming in hot thermal springs in the cluster Nalychevo natural park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka". The temperature of water in natural baths reaches 40-45°. 


Cost 2018 year:

to 01.05 - 40 000 rubles/ person 

after 01.05-42 000 rubles / person 
Ticket for children from 6 to 12 years - 30 000 rubles

Kuril lake 


A trip to Kuril lake is your chance to see king of Kamchatka forests of brown bear in its natural habitat. 

Our route will consist of three parts and will begin at the airport of Nikolaevka village, Elizovsky district, where we will sit in a comfortable helicopter Mi-8 and go to the South of Kamchatka, where the South Kamchatka Federal reserve is located. Tikhon Shpilenok. Kuril lake is the heart of this nature protection reserve. For 1 hour 30 minutes, which we will spend in flight, from the Windows of the helicopter we will see volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, Gorely, Asacha, Opal, countless rivers and lakes. Flying over the Kuril lake, we will see the island Heart of Alaid, which is associated with beautiful legends. 


Then, accompanied by the inspector of the reserve, we will follow one of the man – made sights of the Kuril lake-the fish fence. It is here that scientists count salmon that have risen to the lake for spawning, and here like to fish bears. Sometimes at the same time you can see more than a dozen bears who do not pay any attention to you, giving a chance to consider yourself closer. The duration of our tour here will be 1 hour 30 minutes, after which we will have lunch. 


By helicopter we go to the next point of our trip – the Caldera of Ksudach volcano, which has erupted in 1907 and his ashes are even found in Greenland.  The entire giant Caldera is now filled with Key lake. Its main attraction is the hot beach, as the hot thermal waters face the surface right at the edge of the lake. 

The third stop on our tour is the volcano Khodutka and Khodutkinskie hot springs. Hot water outlets are located on the bottom and banks of the river, and the water temperature in it reaches 40°. The Khodutka springs are considered therapeutic, they contain large amounts of silicic acid. 


Cost 2018 year:

to 01.05 - 38 000 rubles/ person 

after 01.05-40 000 rubles / person

Ticket for children from 6 to 12 years - 30 000 rubles


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