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The land of volcanoes and lakes

This program is perfect for those who have little time to travel to Kamchatka or those who are going on a trip to our region for the first time. In just three days, we will visit one of the most beautiful places on our peninsula – the Mutnovsky or Gorely volcanoes, and also cross the incredible Tolmachev Lake, where Kamchatka brown bears will become our neighbors.




19 – 21 July

Group: 4-8 persons

Cost (for 1 person): 35 000 rubles 


2 – 4 August

Group: 4-8 persons

Cost (for 1 person): 35 000 rubles 


10 – 12 August

Group: 4-8 persons

Cost (for 1 person): 35 000 rubles 


Program description

Day 1

– A daily off-road trip to the active volcano Mutnovskiy / Goreliy (4-5 hours). The destination is determined by the weather conditions on the day of the trip. Early in the morning we leave the city and move about 70 km southwards.

– Volcano Mutnovskiy: We will get into the volcano’s crater to see what it is capable of: there are hot mud pots, fumaroles, sulphur patches inside. On the average the climb lasts for 4-5 hours, the absolute height is 2323m.

– Volcano Goreliy: We will see its numerous craters and calderas, examine some of them and get amazed with an Active funnel creating high-pitched booming. it will take us about 2-3 hours to get on top, the absolute height is 1829 m.

– We will have lunch during the climb. When we finish, we will set up the tent camp and have dinner by the fireplace. Overnight rest in the tents.


Day 2

– After breakfast, we will start packing our camp. It is the guide who will decide upon the final destination – either Dachniye hot springs or ice caves.

– Then we leave the place and set off to the Tolmachevo Lake. A kayaking practice. 

– After we get on shore, we put up our tents and have dinner. 

– Overnight rest in the tents.


Day 3

– Breakfast. We take away the tents and go kayaking one more time. 

– A walk to the Bowl Lake (a maar according to its geological origin). There is always a chance to see the true masters of Kamchatka’s tundra – brown bears. 

– Lunch and return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Dinner and night rest.


If you have the desire and opportunity, you can stay for a few more days: relax after the program or take part in our other tours.


Do not forget about the time difference (UTC +12). To arrive in the first day of the program, you have to leave your city one day before program starts. When you return, you will be in your city on the same day of departure.

Included in the price:

– all transfers during the program;

– full board;

– rent of kayaking equipment;

– rent of camp equipment (gas-jets, dishes, tents. etc);

– processing of documents necessary for migratory services and Federal Security Service in Russia;

– guides services.


Not included in the price:

– renting of the personal sleeping bag and mat, trekking poles;

–  insurance;

– plane ticket to/from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy;

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