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2-day trip of kayaking

Specialty of the summer season 2019! We offer you the two-day sea kayaking program designed for those who have a vigorous desire for discoveries and adventures. We want to explore “the Gates” to the Avacha Bay. That means the following – during the trip we will admire one of the most beautiful monuments of nature – rock ensemble “Three Brothers” – from the closest possible distance. Also we will cross the entrance to the bay to reach the mysterious grottos available only for kayakers. We will spent the night in tents under the shining stars in the picturesque homey bay.

Dates: June-September 

Cost 2019 year: 17 000 rubels (group from 4 person)

Program description:

Day 1

We meet in the city center, get into the cars and head southwards in the direction to the Bolshaya Laguernaya Bay. On arrival we put up our tents, have lunch and briefing on safety measures with our guide. The instructor helps you to pick a kayak and put on all necessary equipment. Then we start our trip to the Three Brothers. Be ready to paddle for 3-4 hours. On the way we admire the beautiful, deeply indented eastern coastline of the peninsula and watch crowded and boisterous sea bird colonies. We finish our voyage by the evening time and return to the camp where the tastiest dinner by the fireplace is already waiting for us. There is nothing better than sleeping in the fresh air right on the shore under dozens of star constellations.

Day 2

After the breakfast we cross the Avacha Bay to find ourselves on its opposite side – in the small and private Tikhaya Bay. We aim at exploring its grottos. The best thing about these grottos is that only kayaks can enter them. We can kayak through some of the caves and stop for a while in the hidden chambers inside the rocks. The bay was given its name (“Tikhaya” means “quiet”) thanks to it perfect location. Strong winds pass it by and there are no waves so that it is ideal for kayaking. We might come across numerous residents of the Avacha Bay – seals and such easily recognizable sea birds as puffins and cormorants. In total we paddle for 4-5 hours. We return to the camp by the lunch time, pack up our staff and return to the city.

The price includes:

- Transfer on a truck;

- Meals on the route 3 times a day;
- Rent of laser equipment: tent 2-seater, tourist

mat, gas, kitchen equipment;
- Rent a full set of kayaking equipment: kayak, skirt, paddle, pump;
- Work of experienced guides; 

- Processing of documents necessary for migratory services and Federal Security Service in Russia.


The price does not include:          

- Airfare to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;      

- Insurance;     
- Sleeping bag.



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