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Mountains and Ocean

A journey, in which you will discover infinitely various Kamchatka that has many faces! Our peninsula – is not only volcanoes, geysers and bears, also it’s a neighborhood with endless vastness of a majestic Pacific Ocean, it’s inhabitants – sea lions, orcas, whales etc. That’s why our program “Mountains and Ocean“ – is for those who are dreaming to see maximum of different Kamchatka in short time.

Group: 6 - 8 people

Cost: (one person):

Program description:

Day 1

Tourists arrive to Kamchatka, we meet them at the airport, transfer to our guesthouse (in the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy). After checking in and short rest we discuss the program and check the equipment. We stay night in the guest house in the town.

Day 2

We go to the cape Mayachniy for the day walk along the coast of the Pacific ocean. On a sunny day the beach gets so warm that it is even possible to swim in the refreshing water (or at least dip your toes in it). The main difference 

of Kamchatka beaches from any others is that they are fully consist of black sand (coagulated and later split into tiny pieces volcanic lava). Fresh breeze awakes the appetite so we have lunch right on the beach. We spend the night in the guesthouse.

Day 3-4

Two-days off road tour is planned for this days. We are going to climb up the active volcano Goreliy (70 km from P-Kamchatskiy), visit the Dachniye hot springs (often called the "Valley of Geysers" in miniature) and explore lava caves in this area. One night in the tent camp and next day (day 4) in the evening we return to the city and sleep in the guest house.

Day 5

Ascent to the Avachinskiy volcano. Early in the morning we depart from P-Kamchatskiy. The drive takes only two hours. We arrive to the base camp (800 m above the sea level) at the foot of volcano Avachinskiy. After lunch and safety instructions we start the ascent. The Avachinskiy volcano (active) is one of the most popular volcanoes among tourists, it is accessible to nearly all age groups, does not require any special skills or mountaineering equipment. Due to it's proximity to Elizovo and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy it is called a home volcano. There is a visible path. However, tourists should understand that the climb might be long and energy-consumimg. Final 600 m (cone) are very inclined. Dry slag might hamper the movements. Ascent lasts from 5 to 10 hours (depending on the weather conditions and individual abilities). Trail length - 12 km, climb - 1700 m. In the evening we have dinner in the camp and set off for P-Kamchatskiy.

Day 6

Free or extra day in case of failing any part of the program due to the bad weather.



  • 6-hour helicopter trip to the Valley of geysers or Kuril lake (three sites of interest, lunch and swimming in the hot springs);

  • Off-road trips to volcanoes;

  • Rafting or fishing;

  • Etc.

Day 7

We depart from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the frame-inflatable sailing catamaran "Kulik" and intersect Avacha bay. On our way we observe the most famous nature monument and the visit card of Avacha bay - rocks called "Three brothers"
Travel through an open ocean to Vilyuchinskaya bay along the maze of white rocks, picturesque cliffs and coves. Make a camp on a cape Zeleniy, where the the biologists sets up  the annual fall camp to monitor marine mammals and study orcas.
The walk to the cape and lighthouse. Kayaking in the Vilyuchinskaya and Zhirovaya bay.

Day 8

Transition to a nesting ground for over a dozen birds species in the Pacific ocean – Starichkov island. 
Kayaking around the island to explore bays and bird bazaars. The transition to the Tihaya bay. Night in the tent camp.

Day 9 

Kayaking through the grottoes and caves in the Tihaya bay. Return to the city by 18:00.

Day 10

Free or extra day in case of failing any part of the program due to the bad weather. Tourists always have an option for an additional excursion. Night in the guest house.

Day 11

Check out from the guest house.  Visiting the fish market and souvenir shops. Transfer to the airport. Departure from Kamchatka.

       The total cost includes:

  • All transfers and transportations according to the program (including meeting and seeing off at the airport);

  • Accommodation in the guesthouse;

  • Breakfasts and dinners in the guesthouse;

  • Meals during off-road trip to the volcanoes Goreliy and Avachinskiy;

  • Guide's assistance;

  • Full board during kayaking days (three meals a day, a variety of seafood dishes);

  • Tents and other camp equipment;

  • Rent of the full set of kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, spray skirt, life jacket and helmet).

    The total cost does not include:

  • Airplane tickets;

  • Insurance;

  • Lunches in the town;

  • Optional excursions on Days 6, 10.

Important information!

We have 10 beds in the dorms. If they will be booked, the rest of the group will be accommodated into twin / double rooms. In this case the total cost of the program will be different! Ask the program coordinator about the price.


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