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The Commander Islands

Expedition to Commander islands - it’s a romantic of the limitless Pacific ocean.

It’s a storm of emotions from watching sea mammals, which sometimes could be observed from the distance of a stretched hand. It’s a possibility to feel particle of primordial nature, that, practically, was not changed by human activity.
Commander archipelago - is the furthest north-eastern point of our country, further there are Aleutian islands, that is a part of USA. 

Several facts about Commanders: 
- archipelago is two islands - Medniy and Beringa;
- there is only one village situated there, Nikolskoe village, about 750 people are living there;
- whole territory of Commander islands is part of “Komandorskiy preserve” - the biggest sea - preserve in Russia;
- it’s possible to meet the biggest sea - mammals on a planet during the trip: whales, orcas, sea - lions.


Group: 1-6 people

Cost: price on request

Period: august-september

Program description:

Day 1

Arrival to Kamchatka. Meeting at the airport (Elizovo town). Transfer to the sea port in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Boarding to the yacht. Meeting the crew and briefing. Start of the passage

Day 2

Passage across the Pacific Ocean.

Day 3

Arrival to the Bering Island in the Lisinskaya bay. Landing. Walk towards the picturesque valley with the view over the lake, the ocean and the Steller’s Arch, a monument of nature. In the evening dinner by the campfire on the shore. Overnight rest on the yacht.

Day 4

Breakfast. Trip to the southernmost point of the island – Yuzhniy (Southern) Cape with the wild sanctuary of the Northern sea lion. Encounters with sea otters and seals are possible as well. Bird colonies occupy almost the whole coastline of the island. A German botanist and zoologist Georg Steller was the first to describe a marine mammal called Steller’s sea cow that is extinct today.

Terrestrial fauna of the island is extremely poor unlike the marine fauna. One of six representatives of the land animals is the Arctic fox (total population is about 500-1000 species). There are two kinds of the Arctic fox inhabiting the Commander Islands – Medniy Islands Arctic fox (endangered) and Bering Islands Arctic fox. Brown rat, house mouse, American mink, northern red-backed vole and reindeer were artificially introduced.

Day 5

The Commander Bay is one of the most interesting places of the “Komandorskiy” Reserve (the Commander Islands belong to this specially protected area). It is the spot where the prominent Russian-Danish traveler, navigator and explorer, leader of two Kamchatka expeditions, Vitus Bering found its terminal home together with 15 members of his crew. In winter 1741-1742 the crew of the packet-boat “St. Peter” struggled to survive there demonstrating a great example
of courage and spirit. One of the symbols of the Islands is the memorial in the shape of the cross that stands on the steep shore of the bay. Return to the yacht. Deep - sea fishing for halibut.

Day 6

Passage to the Buyan bay. Geologists believe that spawning waters of the namesake river wash out from the basalt lavas of the Paleogene Period beautiful semi-precious stones – opals, agates, jaspers and white agates. River brings them into the sea and the waves throw them back onto the beach.

Day 7

Passage to the Severniy (Northern) Cape with the sanctuary of furry - seals.

Day 8

Excursion to another beach inhabited by the sea mammals 12 km to the north-west. Landing in the Nikolskoe settlement - the administrative center of Aleutsky District of Kamchatka Krai (total population – about 700 people).

Day 9

Excursion to the Aleutian regional natural history museum with the exhibits of semi-precious stones, skeletons of the sea mammals including the remains of the extinct Steller’s sea cow.

We travel by the off-road vehicle “Ural” to get to the north-west sanctuary to observe the daily routine of the fur - seals and their offspring. The total length of the sanctuary is about 1-2 kilometers of the stone beach. More than thousands animals can be observed there. Huge males often weight down their own children. Arctic foxes also hunt for the innocent pups doing harm to the population.

Day 10-11

A free day / an extra day in case of bad weather conditions. Overnight rest on the yacht.

Day 12

Final day of the cruise. Arrival to the sea port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

A visit to the commander Islands will take place only under favorable weather conditions for the expedition. In case of bad weather, the group will be offered an alternative route. All the details and details of the program can be specified by filling out the application form on our website below.


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