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Kamchatka - is a place, where one leaves piece of himself, after just one visit, and dreaming to get back all his life.

Our crew is available and free for communication.
We believe in general idea of Kamchatka freeride community and unlimited tourist potential of our local land. 
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in social networks, and we will answer.

Kirill Seregin 

CEO of Kamchatka freeride community
Ideological inspirer
Guide (ski), kayaker, mountainbiker
He doesn’t spend a lot of time to implement his ideas


Ekaterina Balashova

Tourist manager
Kamchatka tourism expert
Healthy and active lifestyle lover
Connoisseur of beauty


Svetlana Haritonchik

Tourist manager
Brilliant specialist in different areas
Highly determined and purposeful person


Anastasia Streltsova

Tourist manager
Interpreter (english)
Experienced guide
Not lover of speed and height
Still not decided on her last name.


Alexey Pugovkin

Guide (ski)
Man of business
Grain of rationality


Pavel Vereshchaka

Guide (snowboard)
Captain’s mate
Snowmobile rider
Life of the party
Crew’s icon of style


Nikolay Boyarkin

Captian of sailing catamaran “Kosatka”
Snowmobile rider
Can fix absolutely everything
Anime and Lana del Rey fan


Maksim Lavrinenko

Highly mastered art of karate, aikido and birth-tree twigs


Kirill Kiselev

Guide (snowboard, ski)
Instructor (snowboard)
Snowboard judge
Fly-fishing guide
English teacher, rapper and just Kisya!


Artem Yakushev

Guide (ski,mtb)
Ski-tour enthusiast
Sure that mtb freeride is available for everyone


Victor Shvetsov

Guide (ski)
Paraglider, speedflyer
(chief of Kamchatka Speedflying Team)
Mountain rescuer
Positive tuner


Sergey Rudya

Professional ship driver
(he can drive any vessel)


Igor Moskvitin

Captain of floatable sailing boat - “Kulik”
Not bad in cooking

Doesn’t like instagram:(

Vanya Klochkov

Kayaker from Moscow with soul from kamchatka


Anna Razgonina

Chief - Administrator of Bay house
Mountain romantic
Model and a muse for @andreyvisus




Uliana Baltanova

Administrator of Bay House
Indispensable person in the mountains
Active blogger
Her laughing is contagious
“Miss Kamchatka - 2010”
Photo Model
Used to played and sang in the rock-band


Valeriya Barsukova

Administrator of guest house - Bay House
Advertisement specialist
Far East lover
Dragons tamer


Alexey Seregin

Guest house “Bay House” chef
Expert in thai soups, japanese rolls and many other 
tasty dishes
He likes to dance


Elena Safonova

Professional photographer
Special reporter of Russian Information Agency TASS
She knew for sure how Community had started
Loves surfing, big - wheel cars and dogs


Andrey Zaharenko (Visus)

Main cameraman
Creator of the most awesome videos about
Kamchatka Freeride Community
Truly Belorussian


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Расчетный счет: 40702810000000004173  Банк: АО "СОЛИД БАНК"
БИК: 040507595 Корр. счет: 30101810205070000595

Фактический адрес: 683000, Камчатский край
Петропавловск-Камчатский, Советская , 48

Телефон: 8-924-894-08-34

Генеральный директор: Пуговкин Алексей Александрович


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