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Kuril lake helicopter tour

A trip to Kuril lake is your chance to see king of Kamchatka forests of brown bear in its natural habitat.



Terms: June – September


Cost: price on request

Program description


– Our route will consist of three parts and will begin at the airport of Nikolaevka village, Elizovsky district, where we will sit in a comfortable helicopter Mi-8 and go to the South of Kamchatka, where the South Kamchatka Federal reserve is located. Tikhon Shpilenok. Kuril lake is the heart of this nature protection reserve. For 1 hour 30 minutes, which we will spend in flight, from the Windows of the helicopter we will see volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, Gorely, Asacha, Opal, countless rivers and lakes. Flying over the Kuril lake, we will see the island Heart of Alaid, which is associated with beautiful legends


– Then, accompanied by the inspector of the reserve, we will follow one of the man – made sights of the Kuril lake-the fish fence. It is here that scientists count salmon that have risen to the lake for spawning, and here like to fish bears. Sometimes at the same time you can see more than a dozen bears who do not pay any attention to you, giving a chance to consider yourself closer. The duration of our tour here will be 1 hour 30 minutes, after which we will have lunch. 


– By helicopter we go to the next point of our trip – the Caldera of Ksudach volcano, which has erupted in 1907 and his ashes are even found in Greenland.  The entire giant Caldera is now filled with Key lake. Its main attraction is the hot beach, as the hot thermal waters face the surface right at the edge of the lake. 


– The third stop on our tour is the volcano Khodutka and Khodutkinskie hot springs. Hot water outlets are located on the bottom and banks of the river, and the water temperature in it reaches 40°. The Khodutka springs are considered therapeutic, they contain large amounts of silicic acid. 

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