Sea cruise at Kamchatka with whale wathing |

Scientific-adventure cruise “Mysteries of the Ocean”

This voyage has already become a long-awaited event both for us and for its participants. Together with biologists from FEROP (Far Eastern Russian Orca Project) we will introduce you to the world of orcas. You are going to take an active part in the true scientific research and to learn the differences and similarities between species. What’s more important, you are going to know what orcas and human being have in common. In the end of the cruise you will possess the unique knowledge about the lifestyle and daily routine of the killer whales that inhabit the Avachinskiy Gulf. Last but not the least – you will travel by our comfortable sailing catamaran KOSATKA.

Research area: Shipunskiy Peninsula – Russkaya Bay

Group: 7 PAX

Cost (one person):

220 000 rubles (all program) 

165 000 rubles (sailing program only,

without transfers to the airport and

accommodation in the city )


 10th - 20th July

Program description:

Day 1

Arrival to Kamchatka. Program coordinators meet the group at the airport (Elizovo town, 25 km from the capital city – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy). Do you know where Russia begins? We do and we will take you to the namesake monument not far from the airport. Then we will take you to one of the observation spots to see the beautiful view of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy that stretches out for many kilometers along the Avacha Bay. Then we go shopping to get ready for the cruise* and check in the guesthouse / host-hotel. In the evening travelers meet the guides, fill in the documents and discuss the program. Dinner. Overnight stay in the guesthouse / host-hotel**.

*Alcohol beverages and different snacks to your personal taste are not included into the total cost of the program.

**Optionally - in the evening the group might go to the hot springs resort (not included into the total cost).


Day 2 

Early in the morning we go to the sea port in the city center and embark the catamaran and meet the crew. After the briefing we leave the port and head off to the open waters. All meals are aboard. Night in the cabins. 

Days 3-5

During these days we are going to explore different bays of the south-eastern coast of the peninsula. Even the short sea trip during the standard summer program to the Starichkov island promises wonderful encounters with sea birds and sea mammals such as seals, sea otters. But we are going much further to Pacific Ocean and each day will bring us discoveries and new emotions. Favorable weather conditions determine our direction and movements as well as biologists’ maps about killer whales and whales treks. All meals are aboard. Night in the cabins. 


Day 6 

Final day of the voyage. Arrival to the Petropavlovskiy port not later than 7 pm. Transfer to the guesthouse / host-hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay in the guesthouse / host-hotel. Optionally for the guesthouse residents – sauna (not included into the total cost).

Day 7

An extra day in case of unfavourable weather conditions or a chill-out day in the city. Breakfast. Optionally we can offer you the following activities (ask the managers for the detailed info):

• A 6-hour helicopter trip to the Valley of Geysers;

• A 6-hour helicopter trip to the Kuril lake;

• A rafting trip;

• A fishing trip.

Dinner. Overnight stay in the guesthouse / host-hotel.


Day 8

Breakfast. A daily off-road trip to the active volcano Mutnovskiy (4-5 hours; 75 km southwards). We will get into the volcano’s crater to see what it is capable of: there are hot mud pots, fumaroles, sulphur patches inside. On the average the climb lasts for 4-5 hours, the absolute height is 2323m. After the excursion and lunch we will return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Dinner. Overnight stay in the guesthouse / host-hotel.

Day 9

Breakfast. A daily off-road trip to the active Avachinskiy volcano (1,5 hour; 25 km northwards) or to the ancient volcanic massif Vachkazhets (2-3 hours; 80 km in the western direction). Depending on the weather, we will visit one of the spots though both of them promise a beautiful scenery, nice hiking and meeting very demanding ground squirrels or fat marmots. On the way back we relax in the healing thermal bathes. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Dinner. Overnight stay in the guesthouse / host-hotel.

Day 10

A free day. Any activities are possible. Dinner. Overnight stay in the guesthouse / host-hotel.

Day 11

Final day of the program. Departure from Kamchatka. Transfer to the airport in Elizovo via the fish market and souvenir shops.

Included in the total cost:

- Meeting at the airport; all transfers during the program (including transfer to the airport on the final day);

- Processing of documents necessary for migratory services and Federal Security Service in Russia;

-English-speaking guide;

- Accommodation (doubles / twins in the guesthouse / host-hotel and 2- and 3-bed cabins on board of the catamaran);

- Breakfasts and dinners in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy;

- Full board during the voyage;

- Freight of the sailing catamaran (crew services including captain, captain’s mate, guides and cook, use of two motor boats, sea kayaks, sup boards, fishing rods);

- Biologists services;

- Off-road trips to the volcanoes Mutnovskiy, Avachinskiy / Vachkazhets.

Not included in the total cost:

- Plane tickets to Kamchatka;

- Insurance;

- Lunches in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy;

- Optional program on Days 7, 10;

- Extra transfers not included into the general program;

- Expenses caused by bad weather conditions, personal and general equipment damage, illnesses and traumas or other force-majeures.

The calculation of the cost in currency different from rubles depends on the course of exchange in a day of money order.



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