Snowmobile tours at Kamchatka Peninsula


We know the great way to ride down the wild slopes full of soft snow! No prepared trails, no much efforts when going up the hill or the mountain, just fun and afterwards chill-out in the steaming hot thermal pool in the open air!


For some of you snowmobile trips will turn out a real discovery as you will enjoy both going up and down!

Program description:

Day 1

Arrival at the airport in Elizovo town (30 km from the capital city). Our representatives meet the participants and take them to the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Optionally leisure time in the city skiing resorts. Dinner at the hotel. In the evening introduction to the guides and discussion of the program. Such facilities of the guest house as sauna are optional. 

Day 2 

Breakfast. Snowmobile trip to the Avachinskiy pass (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy) with a few rides down the slopes. Lunch. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Night rest.


Day 3

Breakfast. Transfer to the lodge in the mountains (valley of the river Paratunka). Ski-touring / backcountry in the surrounding area. Dinner at the lodge. Bathing in the hot thermal pool under the open sky. Night rest.

Day 4

Breakfast. Snowmobile trip in the valleys of the rivers Paratunka and Karymshina. Skiing / snowboarding. Lunch at the foot of the mountains. Dinner at the lodge. Bathing in the hot thermal pool under the open sky. Night at the tourist base.

Day 5

Breakfast. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Leisure time. Optionally you can take part in various additional excursions such as dog-sledding, surfing, ski-tour / backcountry, snowmobile trip to the Mayachniy Cape, heli-ski (contact the managers for more info). Dinner. 

Day 6

Breakfast. A trip in the area of the Nachiskinskiy Pass. Ski-tour / backcountry. Lunch. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Night rest.

Day 7

Breakfast. Snowmobile trip to the coastline of the Pacific ocean. Return to the hotel. Excursion to the only interactive popular science Museum of Volcanoes in Russia. Dinner. Such facilities of the guest house as sauna are optional. 

Day 8

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport via the fish market and souvenir shop.

Group: 3-8 people

Cost (one person):

105 000 rub (dorm room) - 6 places are vacant

108 000 rub (3-bed room) - 6 places are vacant

113 000 rub (twin / double) - 6 places are vacant

Season 2019:

February 17-24th      

March 17-24th

March 31st-April 7th

We are always eager to meet your needs.

If the given the dates do not suit you, contact us

and we will figure it out.

The total cost includes:

- meeting and seeing off at the airport;

- all transfers during the program; 

- accommodation both in the city and in the mountain lodge;

- breakfasts and dinners, lunches on routes; 

- the use of snowmobiles; 

- guides services;

- interpreter services;

- processing of documents necessary for migratory services and Federal Security Service in Russia;

- professional photographer and / or videographer services on the route (2-3 days);

- rent of the avalanche equipment (beeper, probe, shovel, avalanche backpack);

- entrance fee to the Museum of Volcanoes.

The plan for the ski areas is exemplary. Every day, the group leader makes the final decision about the itinerary depending on the weather, snow conditions and avalanche danger.


The calculation of the cost in currency different from rubles depends on the course of exchange in a day of money order.

The total cost does not include:

- plane ticket;

- lunches in the city; 

- bar lift/chairlift tickets; 

- extra activities;

- rent of snoeshoes and ski-tour equipment;

- other expenses concerned with the program planning and arranging;

- insurance (though insurance is obligatory).

Please keep in mind the time difference and the flight duration. From Moscow it is necessary to fly the day before the program starts. On the way back you arrive to Moscow on the same day.



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