Снегоходная заброска на фале на Камчатке
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Снегоход в снегу Камчатка
Пухляк Камчатка
Вилючинский водопад Камчатка
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We know the great way to ride down the wild slopes full of soft snow! No prepared trails, no much efforts when going up the hill or the mountain, just fun and afterwards chill-out in the steaming hot thermal pool in the open air!


For some of you snowmobile trips will turn out a real discovery as you will enjoy both going up and down!

Programs dates in 2021

16.02 – 23.02 

28.02 – 07.03 

28.03 – 04.04

11.04 – 18.04

Group (for each program) 14 persons
Cost (for 1 person)
2-bed room ** 120 000 rub.
1-bed room ** 156 500 rub.
** – accommodation in the city and in the country lodge




Program description

Day 1 

– Arrival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy International airport. Our representatives meet the participants and transfer them to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 

– Check-in. Lunch. 

– Introduction to the guides: briefing on safe behaviour in the mountains, practice with avalanche equipment. Filling in all the necessary papers in the evening.

– Dinner and night rest.


Day 2 

– Breakfast.

– Snowmobile trip with the sledges to the Avachinsky pass (25-30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy) with a few light rides down the slopes (descents are possible under favorable snow conditions). 

– Lunch at the foot of home volcanoes. 

–  Return to the hotel. Dinner and night rest.


Day 3

– Breakfast.

– Freeride program in the area of the Topoloviy range, mount Iphone (snowmobiles with a sledges or holding the rope). 

– During the day, with a break for lunch, we will make 6-8 descents. Return to the hotel. Dinner and night rest.


Day 4

– Breakfast.

– Snowmobiles with the sledges/car trip to the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. “Urban” freeride on the mountain-ski resort for the rest of the day (accompanied by the guide). 

– Return to the hotel. 

– Dinner and night rest.


Day 5

– Breakfast.

– Snowmobile trip with the sledges to the Vilyuchinsky volcano across Lake Topolovoye. Possibility of making some descents from the nearest hills.

– Moving into the mountain lodge.

– Dinner and bathing in the hot thermal pool under the open sky.

– Night rest.


Day 6

– Breakfast.  Freeride program in the Vilyuchinsky pass, 6-8 descents (snowmobiles with a sledges or holding the rope).

– Lunch at the foot of the volcano. 

– Return to the lodge. Dinner and night rest.


Day 7

– Breakfast. Extra/spare day. 

– Optionally you can take part in additional activities such: dog sledging, ski-tour / backcountry, freeride with snowmobiling, heli-ski, surfing, mountain snowmobile trip

Dinner and night rest.


– Breakfast.

– Transfer to the airport via the fish market and souvenir shop.



If you have the desire and opportunity, you can stay for a few more days: relax after the program or take part in our other tours. 


Do not forget about the time difference (UTC +12). To arrive in the first day of the program, you have to leave your city one day before program starts. When you return, you will be in your city on the same day of departure.


Medical insurance: compulsory for all program participants. The insurance must be valid for the entire period of the program and contain the following conditions: “freeride \ off-piste \ skiing on unmarked pistes”, just “skiing” is not enough!



The plan for the ski areas is exemplary. Every day, the group leader makes the final decision about the itinerary depending on the weather, snow conditions and avalanche danger. The freeride area is spacious and versatile – from the Northern group of volcanoes (Avachinskiy, Koryakskiy, Zhupanovskiy) to the Southern ones (Vilyuchinskiy, Goreliy, Mutnovskiy). Each slope is unique and the guides do their best to provide participants with the most complete range of emotions. 


Managers will inform you about the possible changes in the program layout a month before the tour starts.



Included in the price:

– meeting and seeing off at the airport;

– all transfers during the program;

– support of the group by a personal manager throughout the program;

– accommodation both in the city and in the country lodge;

– breakfasts and dinners in the city and in the country hotel, lunches on routes, lunch on the arrival day;

– the use of snowmobiles;

– guides services;

– interpreter services;

– processing of documents necessary for migratory services and Federal Security Service in Russia;

 – professional photographer or videographer services on the route (any 3 days are chosen by the program arrangers);

– rent of the avalanche equipment (a beacon, probe, shovel, avalanche backpack).​


Not included in the price:

– plane ticket to/from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy;

– lunches in the city;

– bar lift/chairlift tickets;

– fee to any swimming pool beside the one in the country lodge;

– extra activities;

– rent of the personal snowboarding / skiing equipment (skis, snowboards, boots, trekking poles);

– other expenses concerned with the program planning and arranging;

– insurance (though insurance is obligatory).

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