Джип-тур к Дачным горячим источникам
Тур на горячие термальные источники
Горячие термальные источники
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Dachnye springs (mini “Valley of Geysers”)


Dachnye thermal springs are situated on the South-East side of Skalistaya mountain, that are a neighbor of a Mutnovsky volcano.


Our way is going through the picturesque valley of Paratunka river. We will go up to Viluchinsky pass and then drive further passing Gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes to the first Russian geothermic power plant. Then we will leave our vehicle on a parking and walk by a short and easy way, available for people of any age.


Dachnye thermal springs are sometimes called a “mini Valley of Geysers” because hot gases from this fumarole field go through the cold water of a mountain creek, makes it warm, and sometimes build some fountains, and that was the reason how such a name appeared.

Terms: June – September


Cost (for 1 person): 7 000 rubles


This option is an alternative in case of bad weather conditions for climbing volcanoes.


Program description


8:00 – Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

10:30 – Arrival to Mutnovskaya geothermic power plant. Breakfast. Safety instructions.


11:00Beginning of a walk, which starts right by from power plant. By the dense walking trail we will walk to the edge of a fumarole field. Mud pots, tiny boiling fountains are situated here and slopes are covered with clay with a different color. By the way, you could take a bath in a natural thermal bathes, if you will grab your swimming stuff with you. And also water there has useful and healing effect for the human’s joints.


18:30 – Return to camp. Dinner. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


23:00 – Arrival to the city.


Included in the price:

– Services of a driver guide;

– Transport services;

– Food;

– Group equipment (kitchen stuff, campfire equipment).


Necessary equipment:

– Trekking shoes with hard tread;

– Jersey;

– Wind / water resistant pants and jacket, lightweight membrane fabric works best;

– For swimming in the springs-shorts / swimming trunks / swimsuit;

– Sunglasses;

– Sunscreen, mosquito repellent;

– Backpack for day crossings.

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