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Mountain range Vachkazhets


Natural monument “mountain massif Vachkazhets” is located on the territory of yelizovsky district of Kamchatka, 80 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and 34 km from Yelizovo. 


Although externally Vachkazhets, the height of the highest peak is 1556 m, resembles a volcano, conducted in 2014 research work allowed to make a final conclusion – a mountain range of non-volcanic origin. Meanwhile, volcanic tuff and slag can be found on its slopes – that is the result of the “restless neighbors” of Vachkazhets. Summer access to the mountain range, which in addition to the top of Vachkazhets also includes mountain Summer Cross (1417 m) and Vaccarini (1500 m), on four-wheel vehicles. 


During the trip you will also see a beautiful mountain lake with extremely clear water, one of them Takhkoloch. It is located right at the beginning of the hiking trail, laying along the mountain range of Vachkazhets. 

Terms: June – September


Cost (for 1 person): 8 000 rubles



Program description


8:00 – Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

10:30 – Arrival to the beginning of the hiking trails near a mountain lake Takhkoloch. The safety instructions. Sightseeing tour around the lake, which is sourced by melting glaciers in the mountains.


11:00 – Our path lies further up by the trail into the deep valley between Vachkazhets and Summer Cross, along the frisky mountain river Takhkoloch. It forms beautiful waterfalls on its way, which we can be approached at arm’s length. Above the river the trail becomes steeper, but for prepared travelers that will seem like nothing. And here it is, our goal is the highest point of the circus, framing the mountain valley, from where Vachkazhets, Vaccarini and Summer Cross “grows”, where originates Takhkoloch mountain river that flowing through many miles to the sea of Okhotsk. Here we stop for a halt and admire the views that have opened up to us.


18:30 – Return to camp. Supper. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


23:00 – Arrival to the city.


Included in the price:

– Services of a driver guide;

– Transport services;

– Food;

– Group equipment (kitchen stuff, campfire equipment).


Necessary equipment:

– Trekking shoes with hard tread;

– Jersey;

– Wind / water resistant pants and jacket, lightweight membrane fabric works best;

– For swimming in the springs-shorts / swimming trunks / swimsuit;

– Sunglasses;

– Sunscreen, mosquito repellent;

– Backpack for day crossings.

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