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Sailing freeride voyage


Sailing backcountry is a unique journey that you can experience in Russia only in Kamchatka. We are going to sail the Pacific ocean on a sea catamaran or yacht along the beautiful and deeply indented eastern coast of the peninsula.


Our goal is a cozy fjord called the Russkaya Bay that is cut into the land for 8 kilometers. This amazing spot will be our home for six days. We are going to climb the neighbourng hills and have mind-blowing rides, sunbathe in the gentle May sun, and practice sea kayaking. A special highlight of the journey is a visit to the wild rookery of Northern sea lions.


Programs dates in 2021

25.04 – 03.05 

01.05 – 09.05 

09.05 – 17.05

15.05 – 23.05

Group (for each program) 14 persons
Cost (for 1 person)
4-6-8-bed room* 163 500 rub.
3-bed room* 165 000 rub.
2-bed room ** 180 000 rub.
1-bed room ** 190 500 rub.

* – accommodation in the city   

** – accommodation in the city and in the country lodge



Program description

Day 1 

– Arrival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International airport. Our representatives meet the participants and take them to the hot springs to recover after the flight and take the photo by the famous monument “Russia begins Here” and from a look-out platform with stunning views of the Avacha Bay and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 

– Lunch in a cafe in the city.

– Check-in at the catamaran / yacht at 20:00 (or at the hotel depending on the weather conditions). 

– Dinner. Night rest.


Day 2

– Breakfast. Transfer to the Russkaya Bay of  the Avacha Gulf. 

– Lunch. Short ski tour / backcountry program to one of the nearest hills (the plan for the freeride areas is determined by the senior guide depending on the weather and daypart). 

– Theory and practice of the avalanche safety. Optionally – sea kayaking.

– Dinner. Night rest.


Day 3 – Day 6

– Early in the mornings tasty and healthy breakfasts.

– The next three days will be devoted to ski touring / backcountry to the various mountain peaks located in the Russkaya Bay. After lunch on the ship we are going to practice sea kayaking, considered to be one of the most eco-friendly and harmonic types of travel. By the way, kayaking is available even to those who do not know how to swim, as the boats have great resistance to water, and each participant receives a life jacket that gives the opportunity to stay afloat in case the boat turns over.

– By choosing Sailing Backcountry Camp you will have a great opportunity not only to finish triumphally the winter skiing / snowboarding, but also to open the summer season on kayaks. One day during our stay in the Russkaya Bay we will go on a mini-trip to the Cape Kekurniy to see a wild rookery of Northern sea lion. We will observe these wonderful curious animals in their natural habitat literally from an arm’s length.

– Dinner. Night rest.

Day 7

– Breakfast. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. 

– Check-in, dinner and night rest.


Day 8

– Breakfast. Extra / spare day. Optionally you can take part in additional activities such as: dog sledging, ski-tour / backcountry, freeride with snowmobiling, heli-ski, surfing, mountain snowmobile trip.

– “Crab” party and night rest.


Day 9

– Breakfast. Transfer to the airport with arrival at the fish market and a souvenir shop.



If you have the desire and opportunity, you can stay for a few more days: relax after the program or take part in our other tours.


Do not forget about the time difference (UTC +12). To arrive in the first day of the program, you have to leave your city one day before program starts. When you return, you will be in your city on the same day of departure.


Medical insurance: compulsory for all program participants. The insurance must be valid for the entire period of the program and contain the following conditions: “freeride \ off-piste \ skiing on unmarked pistes”, just “skiing” is not enough!


The plan for the ski areas is exemplary. Every day, the group leader makes the final decision about the itinerary depending on the weather, snow conditions and avalanche danger.


Managers will inform you about the possible changes in the program layout a month before the tour starts.


According to the program, a transfer to Russkaya Bay is carried out either by ship or by helicopter.The decision is made by the captain based on weather conditions.

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