Sailing Backcountry tour at Kamchatka Peninsula


The eastern coast of Kamchatka is washed by the waters of the mighty Pacific Ocean, and the peninsula coastline is rich in long sandy beaches and cozy small bays surrounded by rocky cliffs. We invite you to lose yourself in the ocean … of pure emotions and feelings – to try surfing in the ends of Russia and finish your winter freeride season. You think it is not possible? Well, we are proud to present you our brand new Surf Sailing adventure!


On arrival we are going to take you to the famous black beach located not far from the capital city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy (Khalaktyrskiy Beach). Time and waves turned lava flows into the finest pieces of sand. When surfing you are going to see the panorama of 6 volcanoes (if the weather is favourable, of course).


For the voyage we have chosen a spacious and comfortable sailing yacht. Before we reach the Russkaya Bay (that is going to provide us with “a great accommodation” for one night), we will stop in at least one surf spot that guarantees swell even during the calm sea. Next day we will change the activity in favour of backcountry. Fortunately, any hill of the Russkaya Bay suits us. Later we will continue surfing.


In addition, during our sail we are going to visit the wild rookery of the Northern sea lions. Also there is a chance to come across other residents of the ocean deep waters – whales and killers whales that are under protection of the Russian Federation.

Program description:

Day 1

Arrival at the airport in Elizovo town (30 km from the capital city). Our representatives meet the participants and take them to the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Check-in. Introduction to the guides. Discussion of the program. Dinner. Night rest at the hotel.


Days 2-3

Breakfast. Off-road / snowmobile ride to the Black Beach. Surfing. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Night rest at the hotel.


Day 4

Breakfast. Extra day / spare day. Optionally you can take part in various additional excursions Dinner. Night rest at the hotel.


Day 5

Breakfast. Start of the voyage. The itinerary goes along the coastline of the Avacha Gulf and is determined by the search of the best waves. For the night rest we return to the Russkaya Bay. Night rest on board of the catamaran.

Day 6

Early breakfast. Backcountry with a stunning view on the Pacific Ocean. Rest. Surfing. Night rest on of the catamaran in the Russkaya Bay.


Day 7

Breakfast. Surfing. Start of the return voyage back to the city. Afternoon surfing. Dinner. Night rest at the hotel.


Day 8

Breakfast. Extra day / spare day. Optionally you can take part in various additional excursions Dinner. Night rest at the hotel.


Day 9

Transfer to the airport with arrival at the fish market and a souvenir shop.

Group: 6-7 people

Cost (one person):

125 000 rubles (hostel-room for 6-8 people)

154 000 rubles (twin/double)


May 8-16th  2019  FULL     
May 16-24th 2019

The cost of the program includes:

- meeting / seeing off at airport, transfers according to the program;
- all sea crossings on a sailing yacht from the city to the places of the program;
- three meals a day on the yacht;

- breakfast and dinner at the guest house and hostel in the City;

- the work of the surf-instructor, english-guides and ship's crew;

- work of a professional photographer and / or videographer on the route (2-3 days of filming);

- preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining visas and permits for staying in the areas of travel; 

- accommodation on the board (3 and 4 bed cabins), accommodation in a guest house and hostel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (6 and 8 bed dorms);

- rent of avalanche equipment.

The plan for the ski areas is exemplary. Every day, the ski area is decided by the senior guide depending on the weather, snow conditions and avalanche danger.

The price does not include:

 - other additional costs related to the organization and conduct of the program;
- insurance;

- air flight;

- optional activities on extra days;

- rent of personal equipment: skis, snowboards, surfs, wetsuits.

The price is specified for a person for the entire accommodation period in the town.

The calculation of the cost in currency different from rubles depends on the course of exchange in a day of money order.

Please keep in mind the time difference and the flight duration. From Moscow it is necessary to fly the day before the program starts. On the way back you arrive to Moscow on the same day.


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