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Three brothers rocks


This is the best opportunity to see the beauty of Kamchatka from the water. Admire the grottoes lost in Avacha Bay and the “home” volcanoes that guard the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky like guards.


You have a chance to meet representatives of the wild wildlife of Kamchatka, including ocean birds (hatchets, gulls, cormorants) and large marine mammals (we can see seals, sea otters and others).


Three brothers is a business card of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Kekura rocks are located immediately after entering from the Pacific Ocean to the Avacha Bay.

Cost (for 1 person): 7500 rubles


Program description


10:00 – meeting in the Bolshay lagernay bay;


11:00 – detailed instructions on preparation of equipment for kayaking;


12:00 – the Group is divided into two parts and accompanied by the guide alternately goes to the route, explores in the immediate vicinity the visiting card of Avacha Bay – the rock “Three Brothers. This route is a little longer than the route of the program “Salty day”. While the first group is kayking, the second remains on the shore near the fire. It is recommended to take badminton, balls, plaids for rest;


13:30 – hot lunch at the camp;


14:30 – beginning of the route on kayaks of the second subgroup;


15:30 – end of the tour, kayaking, leisure, free time;


17:00 – return to the city;


18:00 – end of the program;



Each participant will get a set of kayaking equipment – life jacket, sea kayak, skirt and paddle.



Recommendations for equipment:

– wind-waterproof jacket;

– sunglasses, cream;

– headgear;

– change of clothes (shirt, trousers, light shoes);

– photo and video equipment.



The program includes::

– rent a full set of kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, skirt, life jacket);

– guide’s work;

– lunch.

The cost of participation in the route does not include:

– insurance;

– evacuation in case of not insurable emergency situations;

– expenses caused by bad weather conditions, personal and general equipment damage, illnesses and traumas or other force-majeures.


The conditions of the program:

– the cost of participation in the route is given for groups of at least 8 people; in case of reducing the number of people in the group, the price of travel increases, the maximum number of participants is 10;

– the trip takes place under favourable weather conditions;

– guides have the right to choose the final itinerary according to group experience (or zero experience) and weather conditions.


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