Джип-туры по Камчатке с восхождением на вулканы.

Jeep tours with volcanoes ascending

Jeep tour with ascending to the active volcano Avachinsky 

Avachinsky volcano, that is also called "domestic", one of the most frequently visited in Kamchatka. There are several reasons for this: it is only 25 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky; it can be reached almost at any time of the year by high-clearance cars or snowmobiles (depending on the season); the ascent is relatively easy and can be reached by people of almost any age. The height of Avachinsky volcano – 2741 m.

The last eruption was in 1991. 


7: 30 Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

8: 30 Arrival. Lunch. The safety instructions.

9: 00 start of climbing to the volcano. It does not require you special climbing skills and takes from 5 to 10 hours, everything will depend on your endurance and willpower. The most part of the trail, the total length of which is about 12 km with a height difference of 1700 m, is solid, and you can easily get to the mark of about 2300 m. The remaining 450-500 meters of the trail passes through the loose slag, which makes it difficult to move. However, listening carefully to the advice of an experienced guide, you will be able to overcome this section of the road and climb to the top, where you will find an unforgettable view of the lava cork covering the crater of the volcano, sulfur fields and soaring fumaroles, and, looking around, you will see Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Nalychevskaya valley, Pacific ocean and other volcanoes of Kamchatka. 

18: 30 Return to camp. Supper. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

23: 00 Arrival to the city.

Cost: 6 500 RUB / person

Jeep tour with ascending to the mountain range Vachkazhets

Natural monument "mountain massif Vachkazhets" is located on the territory of yelizovsky district of Kamchatka, 80 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and 34 km from Yelizovo. Although externally Vachkazhets, the height of the highest peak is 1556 m, resembles a volcano, conducted in 2014 research work allowed to make a final conclusion – a mountain range of non-volcanic origin. Meanwhile, volcanic tuff and slag can be found on its slopes - that is the result of the "restless neighbors" of Vachkazhets. Summer access to the mountain range, which in addition to the top of Vachkazhets also includes mountain Summer Cross (1417 m) and Vaccarini (1500 m), on four-wheel vehicles. During the trip you will also see a beautiful mountain lake with extremely clear water, one of them Takhkoloch. It is located right at the beginning of the hiking trail, laying along the mountain range of Vachkazhets. 


8: 00 Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

10:30 Arrival to the beginning of the hiking trails near a mountain lake Takhkoloch. The safety instructions. Sightseeing tour around the lake, which is sourced by melting glaciers in the mountains. 


11:00 Our path lies further up by the trail into the deep valley between Vachkazhets and Summer Cross, along the frisky mountain river Takhkoloch. It forms beautiful waterfalls on its way, which we can be approached at arm's length. Above the river the trail becomes steeper, but for prepared travelers that will seem like nothing. And here it is, our goal is the highest point of the circus, framing the mountain valley, from where Vachkazhets, Vaccarini and Summer Cross "grows", where originates Takhkoloch mountain river that flowing through many miles to the sea of Okhotsk. Here we stop for a halt and admire the views that have opened up to us.


18: 30 Return to camp. Supper. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

23: 00 Arrival to the city.

Cost: 8 000 RUB / person

Jeep tour with ascending to the active volcano Gorely

Gorely volcano is one of the 30 active giants on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It is located on the South of the Peninsula, 70 km southwest of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The modern construction of the volcano occupies the central part of the caldera and is represented by three merged cones, which are elongated in the form of a ridge in the West-North-West direction. At the top of the building there are 11 craters that superimposed on each other, on its slopes – about 40 side breakthroughs with lava flows. In two craters there are two lakes – one fresh and one saturated with acid from the volcanic activities. 
The height of Gorely volcano - 1828 m.
The last eruption was in 2010-2014.


8: 00 Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. During the trip to Gorely volcano you will be able to see the volcano Viluchinsky (2173 m), Vilyuchinsky waterfall. Make a short stop on Vilyuchinsky pass (1100 m), which offers stunning views of the valley of the river Paratunka, Vilyuchinsky, Gorely and Mutnovsky. 


10: 30 Arrival to the foot of Gorely volcano. Breakfast. The safety instructions.

11: 00 beginning of ascent. Gorely is one of the most easy to climb volcanoes in Kamchatka. The ascent goes along a densely sunk path to a height of 1828 m and takes about 3 hours. At the top we will take a tour around two craters filled with lakes. 

18: 30 Return to camp. Supper. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

23: 00 Arrival to the city.


Cost: 7 500 RUB / person

Jeep tour with ascending to the active volcano Mutnovsky

Mutnovsky is one of the most beautiful and accessible volcanoes in the South of Kamchatka. Another main advantage is that you can visit the crater of this giant in almost any weather. And there are a lot of things to look at: North field, the outputs of fumaroles, boiling mud pots and so on. Road that passes by the Vilyuchinsky volcano, Vilyuchinsky waterfall Vilyuchinsky mountain pass, past the active volcano Gorely and scenic Caldera of Gorely and Mutnovsky will not leave indifferent even the most inveterate traveler. If you're lucky, on the way to the crater we will be able to see the permanent residents at the foot of Mutnovsky – black-capped marmots (tarbagans). Also during our trip we will be able to see one of the most beautiful and big waterfalls of the South of Kamchatka, which is located in the Dangerous canyon. 

The height of Mutnovsky volcano - 2323 m.

The last eruption was in 2013.


8: 00 Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

10: 30 Arrival. Lunch. The safety instructions.

11: 00 beginning of ascent in a crater of Mutnovsky volcano. We will have to make a simple ascent along a trampled path, perhaps, go through a small snowfield before we reach the first fumarole site. Along the way we will be surrounded by crater walls, glaciers. Upstairs, we will be able to come close to the soaring fumaroles, boiling pots, we will see the crater lake, which in summer becomes emerald-green. In the end, we climb to the edge of the active funnel, where the noise breaks out the clubs of steam and gas. During the tour we will stop for lunch, and then begin to go down to our car. At the request and physical condition of the group it is possible  to descent to the canyon Dangerous, with a tour to the 80 m waterfall. 

18: 30 Return to camp. Supper. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

23: 00 Arrival to the city.


Cost: 9 000 RUB / person

Jeep tour to Dachnye springs (mini “Valley of Geysers”)

Dachnye thermal springs are situated on the South-East side of Skalistaya mountain, that are a neighbor of a Mutnovsky volcano.

Our way is going through the picturesque valley of Paratunka river.

We will go up to Viluchinsky pass and then drive further passing Gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes to the first Russian geothermic power plant.

Then we will leave our vehicle on a parking and walk by a short and easy way, available for people of any age.

Dachnye thermal springs are sometimes called a “mini Valley of Geysers” because hot gases from this fumarole field go through the cold water of a mountain creek, makes it warm, and sometimes build some fountains, and that was the reason how such a name appeared.


Tour program:

8:00 Departure from Petropavlovsk - Kamchatskiy.

10:30 Arrival to Mutnovskaya geothermic power plant. Breakfast. Safety instructions.

11:00 Begining of a walk, which starts right by from power plant.

By the dense walking trail we will walk to the edge of a fumarole field.

Mud pots, tiny boiling fountains are situated here and slopes are covered with clay with a different color.

By the way, you could take a bath in a natural thermal bathes, if you will grab your swimming stuff with you. And also water there has useful and healing effect for the human’s joints.

18:30 Return to camp. Supper. Departure to Petropavlovsk - Kamchatskiy.

23:00 Arrival to city.


Cost: 7 000 RUB / person

This option is an alternative in case of bad weather conditions for climbing volcanoes.

Included in the price:

Services of a driver guide;

Transport services;


Group equipment (kitchen stuff, campfire equipment).

Necessary equipment:

Trekking shoes with hard tread;


Wind / water resistant pants and jacket, lightweight membrane fabric works best;

For swimming in the springs-shorts / swimming trunks / swimsuit;


Sunscreen, mosquito repellent;

Backpack for day crossings.



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